Geordie Kieffer March Residency with MainMan, Mercury Wheel, Split Party, DJ Andy Warren from The Mowgli's

Geordie Kieffer

Geordie Kieffer is on a mission to infuse the scene with grit, groove, and sexual satire. The impish self-proclaimed "little bad motherfucker” who trades online as @badboygirlygirl draws influence from both his questionable past and the city-wide playground of his L.A. hometown. His sound is something you've never heard before: An alternately comedic and dark romp through R&B and Electro with occasional dives into the classics. Geordie’s music will inspire fist fights and flirtation, anger and elation - and straight up melodic infatuation. The Agro-Pop adventurer's imagination shines through in the delightfully twisted music video for his first single "Red Line” - a high energy, drug fueled ride through the American dream.



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