Palm is four-piece band from upstate New York. Founded as a trio in 2011, the first songs were all instrumental and focused on the interplay between Kasra Kurt's and Eve Alpert's thick, mechanical guitar parts against Hugo Stanley's sparse, loose drum phrases. The band has refined its sound over the last few years with the addition of Gerasimos Livitsanos on bass, but retains a compositional focus on detail, density, and heaviness. The songs are experiments that playfully handle aspects of music you might recognize, with a palette of sound informed by punk, metal and noise as well as jazz, bossa nova, etc. Palm trashes the listeners expectations with moments of dissonance that are reigned in and precise; by comparison the pretty moments are often where the chaos is. And amid these constant and rapid changes, the band sneaks in a deeper unrelenting repetition. The contradiction makes sense. 

"If Sonic Youth had produced a Stereolab album in 1997, it might have sounded a little like […] these recent alums from upstate New York's Bard College."
Rolling Stone

"The band churns jazzy dissonance with raw brawn, transitioning in and out of the beautiful and bestial in perpetual progression."
Tiny Mix Tapes

"Proving that excess is not necessarily a negative quality, Palm employs a wide variety of sounds, effortlessly thwarting any attempts to  pigeonhole the group into a single genre."
Impose Magazine 

"Palm, for lack of a more apt description of what they do,  play the sort of mathematical experimental rock that downright enchants."
I Guess I'm Floating


Art Punk from members of Palberta and Tredicci Bacci

Beth Israel

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