James McCartney

James McCartney

Following the release of his second album The Blackberry Train in 2016, critically acclaimed singer-songwriter James McCartney is set to tour the US in 2017.

James has built a robust international profile through tirelessly touring the UK, Europe and the US, including a sold out three show residency at The Islington in London. Having gained critical acclaim from Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and The Daily News, James toured the US in 2016 playing 44 shows in 25 states in just over 6 weeks.

James released his first full-length album Me in 2013, describing it as an, "Intimate, deeply personal, and honest" album that would say, "This is who I am… both musically and personally". Since then, James has remained fiercely dedicated to his musical vision of melding smart hooks and feral alt-rock with the grandeur and spiritually centeredness of psychedelic music.

The Blackberry Train, engineered by Steve Albini (Nirvana, The Pixies and PJ Harvey), is both a diverse and cohesive album with an eclectic mix of delicately crafted songs. It opens with the jangling rocker, 'Too Hard' which features Dhani Harrison on guitar and vocals and closes with the aptly named folk song 'Peace and Stillness'. The album blends indie-rock, alt-rock, feel-good music, great melodies and catchy hooks. Highlights include the rough-edged and urgently melodic 'Unicorn', the anthemic 'Peyote Coyote', and the soulful ballad 'Prayer'. One very personal song is the winsome and reflective 'Waterfall' which was inspired by memories of his mother.

"I like the music to have elements of the avant-garde, psychedelic, and be just a little against the grain," James reveals. "But in the end, it's about having as much emotion as possible for me, musically and lyrically. It's all about the music being cathartic, heartfelt and true."

Thinking ahead, James says: "I just want to keep on going, keep working, and improving as a songwriter. I'd love to feel that I realised my full potential both as a person, and as a songwriter. That feels like a great, fulfilling goal to shoot for. Making a lot of music, and striving for more depth artistically – those are my goals."

James shows no signs of slowing down and continues to hone his craft as a songwriter, musician and performer.

The Cut Losses

Formed by two high school students, The Cut Losses began as a musical duo. The group hit the streets right off the bat, playing an intense amount of shows throughout the lower mainland weekly, all while attending school.

Before the band even had 3 songs, they experienced a great deal of attention, which included a trip to Kelowna, BC compete in Rock the Peach 2012. The Cut Losses wrote songs on the trip up to the show in order to have a full set.

In the weeks to come, the hype rose substantially and attracted powerful names in media including The Surrey Now, HSB Radio, AMP Records, The City of Surrey, Township of Langley, Y57 Media, and even 99.3 The Fox.

The duo was awarded second place in Band Fight 2012 presented by AMP Records and 99.3 The Fox, second place in Surrey's City Jam 2012, and placed in Y57 Media's Top 10 bands in BC. The Cut Losses were also the winners of first prize at the Vancouver Music Festival hosted by 99.3 the Fox and Supernova.

Although things seemed to be going wonderfully for the act, the duo split and left nothing behind.

Patrick, the drummer for the band at the time, later began writing music in his bedroom alone and eventually lost hope in creating a band again. That is until he met Mack Bowes (Bass) and later asked for the help of Jordi Pearce (Drums).

Patrick decided to continue under the name The Cut Losses after months of cutting his losses, and what it meant to him sentimentally.

The flame was re-ignited and The Cut Losses began, as a collective, writing once again and playing a few secret shows to test material. Finally, time to become publicly announced came, and the group released their first material in over 7 months.

Later in 2014 the group released 2 albums, "Surf's Up Life's Down" and "Blast Her".

Anna Rose is walking, singing proof that big things most definitely come in small packages. The fiery singer, whose sound was defined as "bluesy rock-n-roll" by Paper Magazine, recently released her new EP Strays In The Cut. In support of the Noble Steed Music release, Rose will continue select tour dates across the U.S. Of the new EP, Elmore Magazine raved, "channeling'90s pop/rock voices, Rose delivers some hauntingly beautiful music." Anna Rose was also featured in Relix Magazine alongside Bonnie Raitt and Grace Potter in the September 2016 Women Who Rock issue.

Strays in the Cut is a collection of six mesmerizing tracks that find Rose at the top of her game, pushing musical boundaries in pure ass-kicking style.

Strays in the Cut is the much-anticipated follow-up to Rose's Behold a Pale Horse, which Flashwounds declared a "deep swirl of Blues and Rock and Roll" that "beautifully represents the many dark and beautiful corridors of the human heart." Behold a Pale Horse introduced us to Rose's dynamic voice and effortless command of the guitar; each song highlighted by attitude and pure grit. Undoubtedly, Behold a Pale Horse cemented Rose as a veritable force, with hard-driving Rock and dirty Blues coursing through her veins. When The Gramophone Rings called her, "something of a rare breed" and claimed she is, "a singer-songwriter with an ear to 90s pop-rock and a penchant for big hooks, her sound is straightforward, even earnest, with a focus on performance over production.


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