STARDUST VI: Night 3, feat: Lluvia, Obliteration, Young and in the Way, Reptilian, A God or an Other, Inculter, Insect Ark

Young and in the Way

Formed in the early months of 2009 by four individuals in search of an opening to flee their discontent with the mundane routine of normal life and their past musical endeavors. Young and in the Way found that escape in the form of a small wooden shed on the outskirts of Charlotte, NC

A God or an Other

A God or an Other are a post black-metal band based in Western Washington.

Insect Ark

Creating a personal soundtrack to the human psyche’s underbelly, Insect Ark weaves a brooding, textural landscape with delay-drenched lap steel guitar, distorted bass & synths, and acoustic / electronic drums. Started in late 2011 as a the one-woman solo project of bassist/multi-instrumentalist Dana Schechter (M. Gira’s Angels of Light (Swans)/Bee and Flower), the band became a duo in Jan 2015 with the addition of Portland-based drummer Ashley Spungin (Taurus). Schechter performs solo when Spungin is on the west coast. 


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