Promise Of Redemption

Promise Of Redemption

Promise Of Redemption

Triangle Shirt Factory

Triangle Shirt Factory is the folk, rock, reggae music of Trevor Leonard. Born and nurtured in Bucks County Pennsylvania, a fading farmland suburb of Philadelphia. Leonard draws inspiration from his hometown and writes about preserving nature, discovering hope, creating community and opening up to new ways of thinking about progress.

Triangle Shirt Factory's first full length effort, Widening, self-released on October 23, 2007, demonstrates mature songwriting with melodies comparable to Jimmy Eat World, the passionate groove of Sublime, and intellectual lyrics similar to the poetry of Simon and Garfunkel.

The concept of the record is to be open – open to change, beauty and signals that would otherwise be overlooked; to question progress on personal, political, and global levels; to develop a community of passionate thinkers.


selfhelpme is the studio project from guitarist, JD Perry. JD is performing in support of his debut acoustic album, the road, which was released on June3rd,2016 by Know Hope Records, JD's independent record label. Prior to SHM, JD was a member of the I-Surrender Records and Columbia Records band, Valencia, who toured and promoted across the States and overseas(Japan,Aus.,U.K.)for a decade.

Using a single microphone,"the road" was written and recorded by JD in a Nashville house during the Winter and Spring of 2016. It is a concept album that focuses its arrangements,production,and performance on simplicity
and timelessness; which lends to a unique,old-meets-new
sound that can be heard from song to song.

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