Benefit for Jack Silbert feat. Karyn Kuhl Band, Speed The Plough, The Vines of Hoboken, Matt Davis

Benefit for Jack Silbert feat. Karyn Kuhl Band

Karyn Kuhl is a Hoboken based singer, songwriter and guitarist who started out as the front person for 80's Hoboken post-punk Gut Bank and 90's rock trio Sexpod. Gut Bank released the LP The Dark Ages on Coyote Records in 1986 which was produced by Roger Miller (Mission Of Burma).

" .. Gut Bank's The Dark Ages is one exceptional debut album "- Robert Palmer / The New York Times

Prior to Gut Bank, KK played guitar in NJ indie pop band Autonomy whose members included Stan Demeski (The Feelies) and Michael Carlucci (Winter Hours).

KK didn't hit her stride until she formed Gut Bank in 1984 along with bassist Alice Genese and drummer Bob Bert. Bob left the band before their first gig to rejoin Sonic Youth. Tia Palmisano stepped in on drums and Mike Korman rounded out the lineup on second guitar. Gut Bank was active from 1984-1989. In the independent music heyday of the '80's, they toured the US and shared the stage with Richard Hell, Sonic Youth, Husker Du, Soul Asylum, etc.

KK and Alice Genese reformed as Sexpod in the early 1990's with Billy Loose on drums. Gut Bank drummer Tia Sprocket (Palmisano) replaced Billy in 1995. Sexpod's psychedelic mix of punk, metal and blues was embraced by the 90's downtown NYC (Squeezebox/ Meow Mix) gender blur rock scene. Sexpod released a 7" Spin My Groove on Queenie Records in '92 and an EP Home on Go- Kart Records in '94. Sexpod's LP Goddess Blues was released on Slab/CMC/BMG in '97. Produced by Fred Maher and mixed by John Agnello. Sexpod toured with Tribe 8, Sevendust and rock icon Joan Jett.

"Sexpod, who in their previous incarnation as Gut Bank, preceded and predicted such smart, powerful female punks as Hole, Babes In Toyland, PJ Harvey are back with a killer debut called Goddess Blues "- Jim DeRogatis/ Chicago Tribune

KK began playing solo shows in the late 90's and formed a band under her own name in 2000. Her first EP Little Demon Girl was self-released in 2001. A second EP The Beautiful Glow 2003 and full- length Cigarette Songs 2007 were both produced by Super Buddha (Blondie, Debbie Harry). The band included Tom Costagliola on drums, Kurt Ritta on bass, Lola RocknRolla on sax and Alicia Godsberg on guitar.

Songs from Karyn's solo recordings are featured in several independent films including Concussion 2013, I Heart Boys 2012, In Twilights Shadow 2008, Girlplay 2004, and Dragzilla 2002. She has also contributed guitar tracks to Le Tigre's album This Island- and co-wrote and contributed vocals to hip-hop artist Arty McFly track Slip Away.

The Karyn Kuhl Band was formed in 2010 with Lou Ciarlo on bass and Jonpaul Pantozzi on drums. Songs For The Dead recalls the lush minimalism of Karyn's earlier solo recordings as well as the fiery guitar work from her Sexpod days. Alicia Godsberg and Lola RocknRolla contributed guitar and sax to the recording. The band has been showcasing material from Songs For The Dead with James Mastro (The Bongos, Ian Hunter) on guitar.

While seduced by ethereal melodies and hypnotic beats, Karyn Kuhl's music continues to be held under the sway of the blues. Songs For The Dead illustrates Karyn's depth and versatility as a songwriter, singer and guitarist. A dreamy mix of deeper musical influences such as bossa nova, jazz, triphop, rock and blues reveals her inner world.

Speed The Plough

Speed the Plough is a New Jersey-based chamber pop/indie rock band that has been playing since 1984. The band rose out of the ashes of The Trypes, a mainstay of the early 80's Hoboken scene, which included most members of The Feelies, many of whom continued with STP through that band's first decade. Their eighth album – "Now" – will mark the relaunch of ground-breaking label Coyote Records later in 2015. As the NY Times described them: "...this is no rarefied art music. It's a garage-band sort of minimalism, with welters of electric guitar sounds and feedback accelerating madly into crashing crescendos, only to subside and begin building again."

The Vines of Hoboken

In the 1980s, Alirio Guerrero and Suzanne Lavine formed a band, The Vines. Heavily inspired by Let’s Active and R.E.M. along with classic 60s rock (The Beatles, The Byrds). They had Jangle Pop sound that reflected the quiet introspective of the late 1980s. The Vines became a part of the growing music scene in Hoboken, Maxwell’s, NYC, and northern New Jersey.

In 1988, The Vines released their first, all original EP, Walk The Floor. Seeing the talent The Vines had, Jon Klages (The Individuals) and Mitch Easter (Let’s Active) produced, engineered and recorded the EP at Easter’s Drive-In Studio in Winston-Salem, NC. Walk The Floor was released by Hoboken’s own Aquablue Records and features Alirio Guerrero (rhythm guitar), Suzanne Lavine (vocals, lead guitar, keyboards), Marc Seligman (bass, ex-Cyclones) and Mark Reynolds (drums).

#VinesReunion - Here we are 28 years later and The Vines have reunited…the reunion rumors are true. No occasional get togethers, no canceled reunion shows…it’s their time. Guerrero/Lavine are now back to writing new songs filled with the new experiences and heart that great music is made of.

We're now The Vines of Hoboken (just so there’s no confusion with The Vines from down under) including original bassist Marc Seligman and his son Evan on drums are preparing for upcoming gigs with new songs plus their bright, clever and “catchy” tunes from the 80s.


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