Danny Daze is Daniel Gomez, a studio nerd and Dj with a taste for Techno. Djing at raves at the age of 13 is how his obsession with this sound was rooted. Raised in Miami, Fl. Daze is influenced by his Cuban culture, thus giving him the latin influence heard in some of his music and Dj sets. With other influences by Giorgio Moroder and Anthony Rother, Daze's Dj sets are deeply commanded by Detroit Techno and Italo Disco.

"Señor Stereo", a collaboration between Daze/Gigamesh/Joe Maz was born in 2009 with releases on Ministry of Sound, Kitsune & their first EP titled "Unintentional Ep" on Slow Roast Records. This sound is heavily constructed by arpeggiated disco bass lines and Vangelis influenced synths.

With releases coming out by the minute. Danny Daze is proud to say "real djs don't have a tan".

DJ Nikola Baytala has become a crucial component of the minimal-techno collective known as Kontrol. But don't typecast him as a one-dimensional droid with a M-nus Records logo tattoo. He's been exploring the upper echelons of the techno/house continuum since the early '90s (including the last 10 years at The Top, a weekly event hosted by S.W.A.T., aka Special Weapons and Tactics), gaining a reputation as a DJ's DJ, with acclaim coming from house-music legends like Derrick Carter and Doc Martin. Moreover, Baytala's list of musical influences and loves is vast, eclectic, and impeccable. The following roll call just scratches the surface: dub/reggae (Lee "Scratch" Perry), jazz (Pharoah Sanders), world (Ravi Shankar, Mulatu Astatke), funk (Cymande), soul (Bill Withers), hiphop (Gang Starr), Krautrock (Can), electro (Egyptian Lover, Kraftwerk), disco (DJ Harvey), Latin (Tito Puente), soundtrack/new age (Vangelis), rock (Steely Dan), post-punk (ESG, Liquid Liquid), and post-rock (Outhud). As for his bread and butter, Baytala similarly displays excellent judgment, with a heavy preference for quality-pushers like Jeff Mills, Gas, Monolake, Robert Hood, Theo Parrish, and Mr. Fingers. When you see a DJ possess such wide-ranging, outstanding taste, it instills confidence that he/she will rarely, if ever, veer into wackness. Baytala clearly has put many hours of study into his craft, and it's paid off with smooth mixes and world-class track selection. Besides his formidable technical skills and profound knowledge, Baytala reportedly exudes a lot of personality and passion behind the decks, which must have served him well while opening for acts like Jane's Addiction. Everything I've heard by Baytala suggests that his sets avoid the supposed pitfalls of minimal dance music. They're kinetic, dynamic, and, of course, cheese-free. I can't believe I've only just recently found out about this mensch.

Shiny Objects

Smoke N' Mirrors

MAKES ME MOVE aka dj M3 , is a respected and highly-experienced San Francisco Bay Area DJ, promoter and venue owner. He started out in 1994 with an infectious downtempo style of playing and over time honed it into a fluid, uptempo approach that is composed of house, techno and disco. This characteristically Bay Area method of DJing was carefully and thoughtfully developed by moving and delighting dance floors at his own Green Gorilla Lounge party, an event that he hosted at club and underground spaces all over San Francisco with Anthony Masnfield and starting the Disco Knights camp at BRC. In fact, Green Gorilla Lounge stands out as mythical in the city’s rich history of dance music clubs and parties.

Green Gorilla Lounge soon became well-known as an event where clubbers and music enthusiasts could hear legendary and soon-to-be legendary local and out-of-town talent. Many years of hosting and playing at these always exhuberant events allowed DJ M3 to become one of the San Francisco DJs who truly defined the sound of the city in the 1990s and into the next two decades. The parties also helped him develop his craft further and provided a platform from which he launched his Green Gorilla Lounge record label. His collaborations with Phil ‘Rene’ Collis of Bachelors of Science led to their further alliance as Sleight of Hands and to releases on Green Gorilla Lounge and other respected imprints such as, Smoke ’N’ Mirrors, Om, Sirenum, and Chillin’ Records. As Sleight of Hands they performed together at Outsidelands and Coachella in 2013 and at the San Francisco Treasure Island Music Festival in 2014.

DJ M3 moved onto other ambitious projects like the Tweakin'/Black Pancake record store and Triple Crown nightclub and has kept moving forward with his passion for music. He is now co-owner, along with Chris Smith of Om Records, of one of San Francisco’s best clubs, a central, downtown named Monarch and Great Northern in the design district. When he is not in the studio crafting future dance floor classics, he can be found rocking clubs, bars and underground parties all over the city with his signature DJ sound. With a colorful past behind him and a creative and future ahead there is no doubt that he will continue with his lifelong love of being behind the turntables and making music.


Shane One

Shane One does it.

Rob Grega

"My parents remember me asking them to turn on the radio in the car by pointing at it and shouting-before I could really even speak clearly" explains Rob Grega (AKA Rob G/Still Rob G/Zemo), San Francisco-based musical enlightenment specialist. A 20-year veteran DJ, esteemed mixmaster, and overall musical tastemaker, Rob would be impossible to pigeonhole. With downtempo, hip-hop, funk, jazz, soul, broken-beat, house, + minimal tech influences, his DJ and production style proves to be versatile and fresh in practice.

A San Francisco transplant, originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Rob has a finger placed firmly on the pulse of electronic dance culture. When he was only 6 years old his parents enrolled him in piano lessons. Soon he was playing in a band with some other grade-schoolers, and he became the go-to-kid for musical accompaniment at all his school functions throughout his education career. At the age of 13 he was the first in line to become his church's new organist when the old one split; a profession he continued at several local parishes outside of Pittsburgh for 10+ years. Meanwhile, at 15, Rob and a high school friend decided they wanted to become disc jockeys. With a bit of assistance from their parents, the two purchased some pretty basic gear, and began DJing youth group and high school dances. Soon his high school was the only one that anyone in the area had ever seen with a live DJ and crowd-pumping musician for all of its home basketball games.

After high school Rob continued his mobile gigs all over the Pittsburgh area, and was soon playing in clubs and lounges. He worked at the local CD store for quite a while, but grew bored of the more commercial music he was hearing and playing and began to look for something different. He moved to Pittsburgh proper, started buying more electronic-based music, and soon an opportunity at a swanky upstairs nightclub presented itself for Rob to begin playing house music, a style that came very naturally to him. Rob's Wednesday night residency at Soba Lounge became almost legendary in the small city, and once he realized how much he loved mixing house music, he never looked back. He and his friends proceeded to produce many club nights and raves all over the western Pennsylvania area, booking international headliners and helping to expose that part of the country to what was going on musically in the rest of the world. In an effort to find music that really touched his soul, he became a music buyer at the now defunct Hypervinyl, establishing his presence as a major influence in the Pittsburgh area, and helping him to gain the knowledge and connections that would eventually take him to the west coast.

In 2001, Rob made the move to San Francisco, CA. He landed a job at the eclectic music distribution collective, TRC, as an influential house music buyer. Getting to know the landscape and people of the bay area better and better with each interaction, Rob naturally was drawn to the sounds of Om Records, the San Francisco-based label known for its forward-thinking Mushroom Jazz sound as well as internationally acclaimed compilation series. Rob was hired as A&R assistant at Om Records in 2005, and in early 2006 became full-time A&R/Project Manager. While at Om, Rob used his keen ear to help evolve the sound of the label, by enlisting the talents of cutting edge producers and remixers. Rob also became the in-house compiler, finding and sequencing music for every Om compilation that was released during his tenure, including Om:Miami 2007 & 2008, Om:Lounge 15 Year Anniversary Edition, the Om 15 Year Anniversary compilation, Sounds of Om v.6, Om:Beached, Om:Lounge 10, Om & Virgin Megastore present House Essentials, Om:Ibiza 2005-2009, Om:Chilled 1 & 2, Downtempo Garden, two compilations for San Francisco's chic Hotel Vitale, and even a cover comp for world renowned DJ Mag. Though he thoroughly loved his involvement with Om, Rob recently moved on from his full-time position with the label to instead focus his efforts on his own studio productions. He continues to assist with independent A&R and brand development for a few indie house labels.

Rob's musical taste runs the gamut and his DJ sets seamlessly blend all manner of house and techno as if it's all cut from the same cloth. Armed with an extensive knowledge of music culture, Rob is poised to change emotions on the dance floor. As a seasoned music professional classically trained in piano with the ability and need skill to DJ, mix, master, produce and compile, his sound proves to be ever-evolving. Known for his early morning style live set; the kind of music that people wait for all night, it is quickly apparent that any audience would jive with what Rob is cookin' on the turntables, and if you're lucky enough to catch one, you may never look at music the same again.

Currently holding residencies in San Francisco at the world famous ENDUP along with his contemporaries Worthy (Anabatic) and J Phlip (dirtybird), and the esteemed bar WISH, Rob remains true to his eclectic, multi-genre sounds. Look out for Rob's latest studio projects as Still Rob G, Shook Night, P(e) and Dos Compadres.

Anderson Chase

With an eclectic life experience spanning the continental US under his belt, Anderson Chase lives and creates within the dynamic cultural mosaic of San Francisco, California. His music is a creative expression relating the tumultuous churning currents of a modern American diaspora seeking shelter from the alienating forces of a hyper-capitalist society. Anderson wholeheartedly believes in the cathartic nature of steady rhythmic compositions and as such, his music is a reverential experience intended to catalyze growth through personal reflection.


DJ/Producer based in San Francisco.
Dem Suckaz Recordings.
Resident at You're Welcome, a monthly at Monarch.

Live on sub.fm, every Tuesday 8PM-10PM PST.

What to expect from this long haired lush depends on a lot. But have no fear, Mantranova is here. Behind the decks this man is a crowd favorite, pulling a variety of sounds from every corner of the sonic world. Never sounding the same, but always sounding himself, he leaves dancefloors panting and hungry for more time and time again. Having spent years honing his skills and gathering a library of personal favorites and polished gems that'd make the mere mortal stagger, Mantranova's here to make a statement, and then some.

Although relatively new to the scene, this up-and-comer is already making his mark on San Francisco. As a member of Dem Suckaz Recordings, he’s been throwing parties around SF with the likes of Pan-Pot, Blond:ish, Hector, Hobo, Argy and more. Additionally, he quickly earned himself a residency at You’re Welcome, a beloved monthly party at world-famous Monarch. Here Mantranova, having shared the decks with all stars such as Mr. C, Joyce Muniz, Kate Simko, Claptone, The Drifter, Samo Sound Boy, Goldcap, Oona Dahl, Dean Grenier, and Pearson Sound just to name a few, has polished his opening skills, has had ample time in the limelight, and proven that no matter who’s on the lineup he’s sure to be the perfect piece in dance music's deliciously diverse jigsaw puzzle.

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