PEELANDER-Z, the Japanese Action Comic Punk Band based in NYC, was originally formed in 1998 by Peelander-Yellow, Peelander-Red, and Peelander-Blue, after meeting in New York City (although they'll tell you they're all from the Z area on the planet Peelander). Peelander-Green was welcomed in July 2008 after Blue left the band.

Peelander–Z has appeared at major music festivals including Bonnaroo and the Vans Warped Tour and has also been featured on TV programs such as VH1's "Best Week Ever" and Comedy Central's "Upright Citizens Brigade" among others. The band has also been covered by SPIN, Rolling Stone, Village Voice, NPR and The Onion among many others.

At its live shows, Peelander–Z guarantees intense audience participation and a chance to exercise. You'll see the band in colorful costumes reminiscent of Japanese anime, though they describe their outfits as their skin. You'll also see The Red Squid, human bowling and all around insanity. A Peelander–Z performance is a rare occasion for the entire family to rock out and have a great time.

Toranavox is a Brooklyn-based, ultra-dense hard rock band. Formed at the end of 2014, the group is comprised of two musicians: Ken Minami, a Japanese guitarist/vocalist, and Eli Halfi, an Israeli drummer/vocalist. Together, they create time altering, dark, happy hard rock with heavy metal overtones. The lyrics explode in Japanese, Hebrew, and English - a variety that matches the range also achieved with their sound.

GunFight! plays a unique and rowdy brand of Americana the band calls "post-country"--a combination of roots-country, pop, and post-punk. The sound is a medley of different styles, from the country stomp of Johnny Cash or Jerry Reed to the fast punk sounds of the Ramones or minimal riffage of Wire.

The members of Gunfight! are New York-bred, but the band was formed in Boston in 2006 when the members were in college. They built up a following in the live settings of many a late-night basement party and moved to NYC in 2007. The band released the EP 'Hide Your Empties' in 2009 and released the LP "Frontier Land" in 2010.


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