Kid Quill

Mitch Brown a.k.a. Kid Quill is an Indiana college student and student athlete with a passion for music. The name "Kid Quill" is derived from his middle name. He grew up in household with eclectic music tastes, and started liking rap and hip hop. The first CD he ever purchased was J-Kwon's Hood Hop, and he has been rapping and rhyming ever since. Mitch would constantly rap on team buses or in the car with friends in high school, and a friend videoed him and posted it on YouTube.

His classmates liked it and encouraged him to seriously try to record a mixtape. He did just that during the summer of 2012, and he finished his first project that August. That mixtape, titled Diamond in the Rough, was well-received, so Mitch wrote and recorded a second project, First Cut, that was released in February, 2013. Mitch has been overwhelmed by the reaction, and the fan interaction continues to motivate him to write and perform. Mitch has performed on college campuses and opened shows for touring artists like Jake Miller, Huey Mack, Mike Stud and D-WHY.

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