Silver Spoons

Silver Spoons

This three piece indie pop-rock band hails from Louisville, Kentucky. Silver Spoons is comprised of Gabe Riggs on guitar, keys, and vocals, Luke Lyons on bass, and Jordan Smith on drums. Their first five song EP Ready, Set, Stay was released in the fall of 2014 contained the single Great Unknown that enjoyed some regular airplay on Louisville's public radio station WFPK along with other regional stations. In the fall of 2015 Silver Spoons released the high-energy single Falling In Love which shows a more mature and modern sound from the band. They are currently recording a follow up EP.

Jet Lawrence

BIO (from when the band was originally active)
A rock n roll band formed in 1998.
Jet Lawrence, is the Louisville (Kentucky) based band coming at you with an original sound and a live show that brings back the days of straight ahead rock. While taking great strides to get their music played in radio format and booking regional shows, Jet Lawrence is making a name for themselves among their growing number of fans. A goal oriented band, JL has catered to their fans with an official website ( and a site completly managed by fans, as well as a debut cd due for release sometime in March or April. As for radio play Jet Lawrence has recieved much local attention for their first single "Where did it go" (#1 for 6 weeks in Louisville)and is begininng to pick up the pace with their new single "Marvelous". Look for this band to gain speed on their way down the hill to success.



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