Hailing from the battle grounds, Jonathan Park (AKA Dumbfoundead) in less than a decade has built a legendary history in the LA hip-hop scene. At the mere age of three, Dumbfoundead’s mother smuggled him and his sister past the Mexican border and nestled the family deeply into his Koreatown stomping ground.

While he grew up listening to all genres of music, the hip-hip scene in the nineties was no doubt bustling – and through that, Dumbfoundead found his initial hip-hop clique that clicked and clacked from a MacArthur Park Community Center to Project Blowed, an open-mic workshop in South Central LA. Dumbfoundead developed his skills with an exponential rise to local and even national acclaim with everything from rap battle videos with views in the millions, to spotlights on shows like Late Night with Carson Daly, most recently his curator role in one of K-Town’s most happening parties; Spamneggs alongside Far East Movement and Tokimonsta. Dumbfoundead is also an up and coming actor with supporting roles in Joseph Kahn’s Detention (2011) and Season 3 of Power (2016).

Year of the Ox

According to the Zodiac, the Ox is attributed with traits of strength and familial loyalty. Nevertheless, they can be stubborn with their ideals and quick to snap on anybody who might violate tradition. Hailing from Virginia, Lyricks and JL exemplify these characteristics as artists who regularly speak on the struggles of the Everyman, yet quick to welcome any challengers, only to treat them like the bonus stage in Street Fighter. It's a breath of fresh air in an era when rappers spit freestyles off their phones and mumble from the bottom of styrofoam cups. In 2016, the tag team released "Seven Rings," garnering millions of views while definitely answering the question 'can Asians rap?

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