Moccasin Creek

Fusing a blend of hard-hitting country with southern rock riffs and a hip hop delivery, Moccasin Creek has taken the underground country world by storm. Forming in 2011 under the leadership of front man Jeff McCool, the band has tirelessly worked creating and performing to earn every single fan. Catering to the hard-working, blue-collar fanbase, Brahma Bull, as McCool is affectionately known, has lyrically painted a picture that the everyday working man can relate to. Recently signed to Nashville-based Average Joes Entertainment, Moccasin Creek has released three albums and is currently working on it's fourth. Getting rave reviews since its inception, Moccasin Creek is not slowing down anytime soon.

In the modern age where music is all image and hype, it is nearly impossible to find a quality new artist that the whole world can relate to, one that possesses all the qualities necessary to be at the forefront of a new musical movement. Their infectious new sound has invaded the stereos of tens of thousands of fans, from the ages of six to sixty.
With real-life lyrics and driving guitar hooks, the record's debut single "Dixie Fried" struck a chord with the hard working common folk, propelling the band into underground icon status. The Creek hit the road hard, playing everywhere from music festivals to dive bars. Their shake every hand and sign every autograph attitude ultimately won crowds over every time.

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