Ghost Noise

Ghost Noise

"The first time I saw Ghost Noise play was at a Morrissey-themed burlesque show, which is fitting, given that the Mancunian crooner and the L.A. trio share a penchant for melancholy and flowers. The similarities end there, however. Ghost Noise's sound owes more to that period when Joy Division re-emerged as New Order and post-punk evolved into new wave. Members John Casey Connolly, Gawby Weinstein and Josh Dean all play guitars and synths and adorn their stage with fake floral bou-quets. Dean provides the beats while Connolly and Weinstein trade off on dramatic, controlled vocals. Even at their danciest, on tracks like "Father and Fainter" and "A Shadow Without You," they hit forlorn notes, matching the sadness of the stories that unfold in their songs. The three-year-old band released its second full-length, Our Heaven of Darkness, in December." - Liz Ohanesia, LA Weekly, "10 L.A. Artists to Watch in 2016"

"Dark, synth driven ice pop that you can sing/shiver right along to." - Oh My Rockness, "L.A.'s Hardest Working Bands of 2015"

The LA/OC punk trio Girl Tears has mastered the art of the three-chord attack, delivering volatile blasts to the point of fury. Four tours and 100+ shows later, playing art spaces, houses, DIY venues, bars, barns, backyards, basements, and everything in between, Girl Tears has delivered a natural, confident progression from their debut.

Woke Against The Tide wrestles with themes of Love/Hate, Good/Evil - and in particular - the space between these polarizing ideas. "Cold Thoughts" and "Uneasy" personify the album's conflict. There are hooks, melody and structure, but also a bit of chaos built on a more complex arrangement that's constantly shifting and evolving, much like the band themselves.

Whereas their debut Tension was more a discovery, Woke Against The Tide is more abstract. It creates a dense and unforgiving experience, really challenging the listener to keep up.

MODERNS is the Los Angeles-based synth-pop duo of Christopher Fudurich and Rosie Okumura.

Fudurich is an engineer, multi-instrumentalist and analog enthusiast. As a producer, he has worked with a variety of pop artists but MODERNS is his first collaboration with his own musical output. Okumura is a songwriter, vocalist, and performer who has partnered with veteran producers. She plans to continue writing, collaborating and performing for MODERNS as her sole project and shares her experience: "I can't describe how excited I am for what Chris and I are creating. It's unlike anything I've ever been a part of; it's so inspiring to me to work with someone so unique and creative."

Musically, MODERNS is synth-pop built on an organic foundation. Using vintage analog synthesizers and drum machines, and raw, natural vocals, the music is electronic but not sterile. MODERNS combine traditional and current recording methods, relying on instrumentation and singing without excessive digital manipulation. The result soars -- powerful vocals are given space and depth with music that is channeled equally from retro and contemporary sounds. In essence: modern.

MODERNS are currently completing their second EP and have already received buzz- worthy praise, having been selected to appear on the next compilation album by electronic music label and collective, Future City Records. They are successfully growing their fan base with more than 22,000 plays on their Soundcloud page and nearly 60,000 visits to their YouTube channel in just six months. The duo self-released an EP, and is currently hard at work on a follow-up.

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