The Inactivists, Me Me Monster, Gort Vs. Goom

The Inactivists

The Inactivists are currently a quartet of music-makers and merry-makers. And mirth-makers. Maybe even meth-makers. They are shakers and movers. Sometimes. Other times they are so inert they escape the attention of motion-detectors. They’ve been around for over 13 years. They’ve also been a square peg for nearly as long. They defy easy categorization. They also defy the first two laws of thermodynamics. They are breaking the law! Breaking the law! Hell-bent for leather. Hell-bent and heaven-sent. Gotta pay the rent. Gotta make the donuts. Ancient Chinese secret, huh? Don’t squeeze the Charmin. Do you ever get that not-so-fresh feeling? Can I borrow a feeling? Do you like peeing colonics and getting lost in the reign? Have you ever been mellow? Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don’t.
Anyway... the Inactivists. They are a band. They play music. Which is a fairly common practice for bands. Not all bands, but a lot of them. They have made several accomplishments. I can assure you they are impressive, but please don’t ask me for specifics. They probably don’t sound that impressive when spoken aloud, but believe me they are VERY impressive.
The Inactivists joked about John Kerry’s campaign while they were recording their first album. Just the fact that they have “albums” makes them seem old enough. But such if the passage of time. And the days of our lives. And the lives of the rich and famous. Eat the rich; let them eat cake. Paul is dead. Elvis lives. Clapton is God. God is love. Love is blind. Paul McCartney is Eric Clapton is Ray Charles. We’re all doomed.

Me Me Monster

Hailing from Monstrovian royalty, the brothers Von Moenster journey to their current rock caravan has had many twists and turns. During the communist takeover of Monstrovia, the brothers were escorted via the underground clown brigade to France, Sweden and Houston. Their father and mother, the governor and governess of Mostrovia were captured and remained in prison for years. Vladimir and Boris Von Moenster enrolled in prestigious clown colleges earning doctorates and forming their own new world house of clown rebellion, based on the doctrines of Ishkibbible.
Testicleese "T-Bone" Von Moenster was ushered via a series of union bosses to Houston, Texas, without contact for years.

The House of Clown Rebellion, through years of diligence, returned to Monstrovia and overturned the Communist occupation, freeing their parents from jail and establishing the basis for the current Monstrovian province and democracy.

Boris and Vladimir went on a world tour playing baccarat and music and using their clown pedigrees for birthday parties and rodeos. While on the road at a Waco gas station, the brothers Von Moenster spotted their long lost brother Testicleese, buying copious quantities of Slim Jims and browsing the new wave and classic country cassette tapes. It was discovered that he had joined the Branch Davidian compound, was sent out for strawberry Kool-Aid and got lost. He was now known only as T-Bone. He was no longer speaking and has not spoken a word other than indiscernible giggles since.

The brothers established a residency in Denver, Colorado and have become a power rock trio, blending Monstrovian dance hall, with new wave, punk and progressive rock. Their influences range from Englebert Humperdink, the sheep dancers of Kyrghyz, Donna Summer, Wire, Devo, and Abe Vigoda. They are currently putting the finishing touches on their debut full length album and are available for funerals, Bat Mitzvah's and multi-cultural festivals.

Gort Vs. Goom

Gort Vs. Goom is a power-duo from Denver, Colorado.



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