9th Annual Radio Milwaukee Music Awards


GGOOLLDD is awesome, if you're into that sort of thing.


Born in Chicago, Illinois, Ferreira grew up in Saco, Maine. By the time he got to college, Milo had been to 13 different schools. He first began rapping as part of the Kenosha, Wisconsin hip-hop trio Nom de Rap, which additionally consisted of rappers Nicholas J and AD the Architect. The group released their first joint mixtape, Greatest Hits Vol. 1, in 2010.

Milo released his first solo mixtape, I Wish My Brother Rob Was Here in 2011. Milo Takes Baths was released in 2012. The song "Kenosha, WI" was published by Johns Hopkins University Press in a 2012 issue of the journal Postmodern Culture.

Milo released two EPs, Things That Happen at Day and Things That Happen at Night, in January 2013. The Cavalcade mixtape followed in July 2013. In November 2013, he appeared on Hellfyre Club's compilation Dorner vs. Tookie. He released Poplar Grove (or How to Rap with a Hammer) under the moniker Scallops Hotel in November 2013. His first official album, A Toothpaste Suburb, was released on Hellfyre Club on September 23, 2014. In 2015, he released So the Flies Don't Come, which was entirely produced by Kenny Segal

Soul Low was born out of teenage jam sessions, late nights studying Milwaukee rock and roll, and a spirited sense of irreverence. With Jake Balistrieri on lead vocals and guitar, Charlie Celenza as the rhythm section, Sam Gehrke on bass, and Sean Hirthe providing keyboards and saxophone, Soul Low's road to pop-rock glory began when they were just Milwaukee kids experimenting with their instruments.

Balistrieri and Gehrke put together their first band as eager 11 year olds, and spent their youth strumming on farmer's market street corners, starting a jam band, and working diligently in jazz and orchestra classes. Late in high school, Balistrieri, Gehrke, and Celenza formed Soul Low and took their stab at creating a rock band, but parted ways after graduation. After stints in college, Balistrieri and Gehrke found themselves back in Milwaukee, reunited and ready to restart Soul Low in seriousness.

Recruiting Hirthe to fill out their sound, Soul Low drew inspiration from their musical training, DIY spirit, and such stalwarts as Violent Femmes and Modest Mouse. After establishing themselves as serious locals and recording their debut album, "UNEASY," the band hit the road to cut their teeth on stages around the country. Opening for acts like Split Single, Lady Lamb, and Moon Taxi, and playing shows in L.A., the Southwest, and everywhere in between, Soul Low found themselves growing up and growing bolder.

Marrying strong pop sensibilities with wiry and weird touches of the abstract, Soul Low breaks new ground with "Nosebleeds," their sophomore record, out August 5th on Milwaukee's Gloss Records. Recorded over the course of a weekend, complex rhythms share space with bright, easygoing melodies and quirky lyrical musings. Album opener "Frenemies" boils to a rewarding intensity, while first single "Be Like You" flirts with a sincere California beach vibe. Drawing comparisons to artists like The Shins and Girls, Soul Low have carved out a space for themselves as purveyors of bright, inventive music with a clever, genre-defying edge – and they're ready to share it with the world.


I believe I can (let my Freak Flag) Fly.

NO/NO stands apart as Milwaukee’s most evolved electro pop band, pairing new wave sensibilities with the fuzzy, dreamlike quality of shoegaze. With two EPs and an impressive live show making waves throughout the city, NO/NO’s latest outing, the full length Sound and Light, is a slick, wistful 8-song soundtrack to summer and beyond.

Formed from the ashes of Milwaukee favorites The Delphines in 2014, NO/NO got to business differentiating from their past. Expanding into electronic sounds allowed the band to form their own identity, complete with a sound that nods to New Order’s best hooks and Beach House’s sense of melody.

Slinky, anthemic synths layered with tight guitar hooks and ethereal vocals are NO/NO’s trademarks, and they’re better than ever on Sound and Light. Album opener “Waiting For Something to Happen” pairs guitarist Harrison Colby’s adept, emotive guitar work with keyboardist Cat Ries’ bright, catchy synths while the two trade vocals and drummer Jeremy Ault and bassist Lucas Riddle build up a tightly wound beat. “Two Lane Blacktop” pits Colby’s evocative guitar and vocals against a glistening keyboard backdrop, while album closer “Whatever” showcases Ries’ vocals at their brightest and most tender, letting the album close like a drive into the sunset. Clocking in at just less than 40 minutes, Sound and Light is destined to be summer’s go-to record for late night runs, Friday night after parties, and smooth, lazy Sunday afternoons.

Ian Ewing of Noh Life

Ian grew up a self-taught instrumentalist who has always been hungry to create musical ideas of his own. Upon entering college, he thoroughly fell in love with hip hop and the history behind it. This was his gateway into electronic beat production where he finds himself today, as he strives to create ambient compositions of sample-based sounds blended with his own instrumentation.

Ian has had the pleasure of working with some of his favorite producers of today's scene. In his short tenure as a beatmaker, his music has already earned widespread attention and support from music fans across the globe, including respected DJs and blogs such as Soulection, DJ Complexion, Rhapsody, the 405, Hype Machine, Infinit, and more.

Ian is proud to be affiliated with 4 talented music collectives: Blvnt Records, Melody Soul, Rootnote, and Noh Life. Residing in Milwaukee, WI, he is excited to contribute in the thriving music scene of his city and beyond.

While he claims to be “the official soundtrack of hummus everywhere”, this has yet to be confirmed.

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9th Annual Radio Milwaukee Music Awards
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It's that time of year again...time to celebrate Milwaukee music-makers!  We'll be celebrating Milwaukee’s growing music scene and handing out awards while enjoying live music by some of our city's finest.

Five finalists will be presented and 1 winner will be announced for each category, based on the public's votes. 

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