Public Access T.V.

Public Access T.V.

Public Access T.V. are a band firmly planted in downtown New York City. Before they released their first song, played their first show, or even had a name, Public Access T.V. were a band. Best friends out every night together, sharing clothes, cigarettes, pocket change, and most importantly living together in a dilapidated East Village loft where they could stay up all night playing music... loudly.

"It wasn't like 'let's start a band,'" 24-year-old singer and main songwriter John Eatherly says of the formation. "We already were playing music and hanging out together all the time. We were all doing different things, playing as hired guns for anybody just to pay the rent, and then one day I came in with these songs I wrote and we all just knew this was something we wanted to do for real."

What followed was a whirlwind of activity; singles "Monaco" and "In the Mirror" along with last years Public Access EP, lead to critical acclaim, and tours in the US and UK supporting acts like Weezer and Gang of Four. Everything was moving on the correct trajectory when in April 2015, while PATV were on tour in California, they flicked on the TV to see live pictures of their Manhattan loft on every single news channel. It was on fire from a gas explosion and then collapsed into rubble.

"We wrote there, rehearsed, recorded, lived, everything," says John. "It was home...and then it was completely gone."

Demoralised and thousands of miles from NYC, PATV did the only thing they could think of. As John says: "We told our agent to book as many gigs as possible - because we didn't want to deal with the reality of the situation. We actually had nowhere to go."

But, as things happened, that chain of events was to set PATV on an entirely new and fruitful path. Among those frantic gig bookings were a bunch of festivals in Europe, as well as dates with The Strokes, Fidlar and Palma Violets.

The group released their double A-side single "In Love and Alone" / "Patti Peru" last fall to critical acclaim. "In Love and Alone" was debuted by Zane Lowe on Apple's Beats 1 with him exclaiming, "We Love Public Access T.V." and giving the track his signature stamp of approval by playing it twice in a row. This single as well as their follow up track "On Location" led to Public Access TV being one of the buzziest bands at SXSW this year... with both Entertainment Weekly and NME listing the group as one of the "Top 10 Best Artists" at the festival.
The band will be performing at festivals around the U.S. and Europe this summer and will release debut in fall of 2016.

Splashh began life as the brainchild of Toto Vivian and Sasha Carlson forming in late February 2012. The duo initially bonded over their mutual music tastes and then began plotting their sun drenched musical assault on the UK. Growing up between the South Pacific and the UK they left the beaches behind to record in a small bedroom in Hackney. The result was a myriad of floating, fuzz laden grunge pop tunes with a punk twist. With a number of songs in the can the boys then recruited close friends Thomas Beal on bass and Jacob Moore on drums. The 2 new additions made for a sense of excitement that Splashh were primed and ready to roll as a band.

The carefree attitude within their music transports the listener to the summers of yesteryear kicking back with good friends. Sounds of dreamy fuzz being thrust through the walls of your neighbour's garage as the "slackers on summer holiday" dream of adventure, fun and the open road. With releases planned through the summer, plenty of gigs and a hungry music loving public awaiting, it seems as if the adventure isn't too far away.

The Britanys

Since releasing their first tape 'A Night With The Britanys' with Lolipop Records, in the Fall of 2015, The Britanys have played with the likes of Hinds, Public Access TV, Shamir, and Yak.

The Boys came off of their first CMJ, in 2015, where NME Magazine named them one of the best bands of the week. Cited as one of the top 10 bands from New York to look out for in 2016, by the New York Observer, The Britanys have just finished work with producer Gordon Raphael (The Strokes/ Regina Spektor) on a new single 'Basketholder' which premiered March 8th via Interview Magazine.

" 'Want To Be' by the fuzzy New York upstarts The Britanys...sounding like something The Strokes might have wandered into in the early noughties"- NME Magazine

"The Britanys sound like they've absorbed the work of their yesteryear heroes and flipped all inspiration upside down. Every aspect of 'Want To Be''s delivery sits outside the norm, even though the thrashing chords and New York vibe recall early The Strokes." - DIY Magazine

"Killer indie rock from The Britanys out of New York, New York!" - Urban Outfitters

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