April Martin CD Release Party: "In the Blink of a Life"

April Martin

"Her style is simple yet elegant and she creates the most beautiful pictures with the lyrics of her songs." Sherryl Craig, Nashville Music Guide

"The charming aspect of April’s voice is her heart, the place from which she sings. As each song develops on the album, the melodies flow naturally, a testament to April’s talent as a songwriter." Randy Radic, The Huffington Post

April Martin was born in Iowa and spent a bit of her childhood in Cuba, but she lives, works, and writes songs in New York City. Coming of age in the 1960's, she has always been drawn to simple melodies and great lyrics. The musical palette that shaped her work cuts across genres from the Everly Brothers to Willie Nelson, Randy Newman, Carole King, Paul Simon, Eagles, and many others.

April is also a practicing psychologist and her songwriting reflects her compassion for the struggles and triumphs of the human heart.

The remarkable Peter Calo, who the Boston Globe has hailed as "a master musician," and who has produced both of April's albums, is performing with her on guitar, along with Chris Marshak on drums, Jeff Eyrich on bass, and Susan Didrichsen singing backup.



GA Seated || Please note, there is a two drink minimum in the room.

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