Pyjama Party with The Monkey Bunch

Monkey Bunch

A Rock ‘N’ Roll Band With A Social Conscience.
The Monkey Bunch is for people who love music and want their kids to love it too. Children love to play the same music over and over and over and…you get the idea. And so do we! We wanted to create a musical experience that a child could enjoy with a parent or caregiver. That they could appreciate together. We want our music to be able to be played over and over without making a parent have…well,…a temper tantrum! The intention is that elements of the music appeal to both parents and children alike – in their own unique way. The music was made with the idea that children deserve high quality – just like adults. That they are just really short people and shouldn’t be talked down too. Even musically.

Appropriate Age
Our music and ideas are for everyone but if you must pick an age we’ll try to help out. Some parents tell us that they have played our slow songs right after the baby was born and kept it going all the way up to 7 years old. Some teachers have told us that they use our CD in the classroom as a teaching tool up to grade 5. And some pretty special 11 year olds still come to our shows and dance. We officially say our “demo” is pre-school to grade 4…and their parents.

What’s The Big Idea?
The Monkey Bunch is creating an army of children who will be the heroes of our world. Small people who will be empowered to be responsible and active in saving themselves and the planet we all share. A hero doesn’t need a cape but does need the passion and confidence to fight the real fights. The ones in the House of Commons. We at Monkey Bunch Headquarters are fighting our battle on stage, CD’s, DVD’s and the internet. For that is where our soldiers reside. They, in turn will take the message out to the streets, the grocery stores, the fields, the oceans, the sandboxes, schools and one day… the voting booths.



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