FIVES - Heart & Thunder EP Release

FIVES was formed in Baltimore, MD by lead vocalist Marc Cashin and keyboardist Matthew White and went through several line-up changes before finally coming together with current members Nate Lanzino, Billy Totti, and Jake Tate in 2015. The band’s sound is a combination of acoustic based rock and indie pop."

In June 2010, FIVES released its first independent EP, A Brief History. The album was recorded mostly live at Grammy award winning Bias Studios, in Springfield VA. The album’s release represents a turning point in the band, propelling FIVES into more live shows and a realization that audiences connected with the group.

In the spring of 2015 FIVES performed a standing room only showcase in Austin Texas during the SXSW Film & Music Festival. FIVES has opened for national touring acts such as O-Town and The Vespers.

FIVES new EP called Heart & Thunder was released Aug 5, 2016. Skope Magazine describes the album as "a perfect collection of jams." The album is available at:

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Listen on Spotify We've also added a band called Revel in Romance to the bill. We're just waiting on an acoustic act to confirm but that will be it.!/revelinromance/?fref=ts

Gotham Theory

Simply a rational yet creative style of music birthed by juggernauts deeply rooted in the Baltimore music scene. What started from literal underground jam sessions has quickly blossomed into the locomotive that is Gotham Theory. The group just can't quit as they bring a perfect blend of gritty blues, groovy funk, with a hint of jazz all encompassed by rock & roll that has fans dancing through the soles of their shoes. The energy at their live shows is something barely explained by standard scientific laws. Don't believe it? Check the schedule, grab your favorite hat, and come out to prove them wrong.

Revel In Romance

Revel in Romance is a 5 piece Alt. Rock Indie band out of Atlanta GA. Lead vocalist, Saxony Raine, is the 2016 GA Music Awards Winner - Best Female Rock Artist. They have performed at Warped Tour, SXSW, been an Atlanta Braves Band of the Year, won a Balcony TV Global Peoples Choice Award, and been featured at several conferences and festivals across the nation. Revel in Romance's Debut EP "Right and Wrong" recently released June 2016 has already had 2 songs reach number one on radio stations in the U.S. and England.



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