City of Caterpillar, Virginia Creep, Suppression, Skulk Kits (Brandon solo)

City of Caterpillar

City of Caterpillar was an American band, from Richmond, Virginia. They released a split with pg. 99, a full-length album, and an album-length compilation of their demo and some live tracks.

The band broke up in late 2003.

Virginia Creep

Virginia Creep is a rock band.


The current 2-piece Richmond, VA line-up of Ryan Parrish (Years, Rope Cosmetology, and Iron Reagan) and Jason Hodges (Bermuda Triangles, MUTWAWA, and one of the founding members) formed in 2000, after the original Roanoke, VA line-ups had run their course (and after they had released tons of recordings). Many vinyl and CD releases from the new 2-piece, now out of print, ensued. In 2009 C.N.P. released the "Amputated Brain Stem" 1993-2000 discography featuring all of the material from the Roanoke years and seriously recommends ignoring any other discographies out there with our name on it.
Recent releases are the split 10 inch with NO COMPLY on TO LIVE A LIE RECORDS, the split 5 inch w/ NOOTHGRUSH on FUCK YOGA, and a split 7inch w BOTTOMFEEDER on BORN DEAD. A split LP with A.N.S. is now in the works....



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