The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood

"Buzz-band is a term that has been fluttering around the Internet for quite some time now. It's meaning is pretty straightforward: it is an underground indie band, formerly unknown, that comes out with a single worthy of Internet hype. That is why I disagree with labeling the recent indie Internet phenom, The Neighbourhood, as buzzworthy; they are clearly destined for so much more.

The band is also exceptionally mysterious. It's a quintet based out of LA, with Rutherford as the frontman. However, I couldn't tell you who plays what instrument. Their website doesn't even have any biographical information. The shroud of mystery surrounding them is part of the reason people like them so much, they're not out there for fame and glory—yet—they're just producing great tracks, (and all of these tracks are available FREE online…just keep reading). Their mysteriousness also perfectly parallels with the way they blend the genres of rock, R&B, and folk in a way only an indie band can.

Their 5-track EP is available for free download on their website. All the tracks are well worth listening to again and again." --Candor News

Despite only splitting up a matter of months ago, Viva Brother have returned and relaunched themselves as new act Lovelife.

The band have posted three new tracks online, all of which you can hear by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking.

The tracks, which are titled 'Brave Face', 'She Makes It Look So Easy' and 'Love Rush', are a far-cry from their former guise as a rock band heavily inspired by 1990s Britpop, with that sound replaced with a slow, synth-led pop sound, more akin to the likes of Hurts and Yazoo.


“Cerebral yet accessible, …Rioux crafts elaborate, dream-like productions with organic instrumentation.” -- The Creatorʼs Project

“Riouxʼs production swiftly glides through a number of musical movements...” -- XLR8R

Erin Rioux (pronounced ree-yoo) is an electronic psychedelic record producer, performer, curator, and visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY. His work under his last name merges organic instrumentation with technology in a rhythmic and cerebral sonic environment.

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