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Indicator Indicator

Winnipeg-based pop band Indicator Indicator has confirmed that upcoming album Edie\Abel will be their last as front man and principal songwriter Sandy Taronno has officially announced thebreakup of the band. Taronno and his wife, Gillian welcomed identical triplet girls, Sadie, Martha and Eleanor, to their family on October 19, 2015. The Taronno family was taken by surprise, as the odds of having identical triplets are approximately one in one million births.

This August, Taronno began documenting his experience through another creative medium as he launched what he has fondly dubbed his “triplet blog”. Hilltop Procession ( is self-described as “one father’s hazy rememberings from a year of triplets”. As Taronno begins unveiling new music on social media in the coming weeks, he will also continue releasing blog posts keeping his fans, friends and family up to date on life behind-the-scenes.

“Indicator Indicator has been such a meaningful creative project with great musicians and great friends. My life has changed dramatically over the last year as my wife and I have welcomed triplets into our family. We’ve decided that life on the road has to come to an end,” said Sandy Taronno. “Raising triplets has been our most rewarding and wildest experience yet.”

Fever Feel is an original rock and roll band of 2016, founded by primary songwriters Landon Franklin and Logan Gabert. However, they are much more than just a group of musicians. Fever Feel is a culture, a movement, and part of a new age for rock and roll music.

"There are some rare acts who craft their art from a place of deep introspection that the listener is able to feel in their core. Fever Feel is one of these bands." – Beatroute Magazine

Causing listeners to dance and sing, then lose all control with their captivating visions of a simpler time, Fever Feel's sound is comprised of emotionally dynamic, groove-filled compositions that lay the foundation for Franklin's thought provoking poetry. Gabert's guitar leads, abounding in both power and delicacy, soar with an enigmatic finesse. These make way for Platt's equally compelling organ tones, which are shrouded in subtlety, yet executed violently. Together they shine like a moonlit night, contrasting the bands tight rhythm section led by Franklin and his melodic bass playing.

"The easy listening flow of Fever Feel is orchestrated with the ability to pull anyone to the deepest depths of any ocean and without a second thought shoot them off spiralling into the outermost reaches of the known universe." – So Taste Music Review

Formed in 2014, this Calgary-based 4-piece has quickly become one of Canada's most exciting up-and-coming bands. Over the past year, the group has been hard at work playing their way coast to coast across the great nation of Canada. Having added organist Thomas Platt to their line-up in early 2015, the addition has taken the band's already captivating experience to even greater heights. They continue to progress not only within the world's blossoming underground rock and roll music scene, but overflow quite seamlessly into the realm of popular music culture. The band is expected to release their much-anticipated debut LP in​ late​ 2016.

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