Mal Blum & The Blums

Mal Blum writes often self-referential, first-person narratives, sets them to music containing elements from anti-folk, punk or folk genres and tours nationally, usually alone in a little car, but sometimes with a band or another songwriter for company

Twiga began as the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Dave Lucas in a loft on Meserole in 2013. Originally conceived as a guitar-driven, poppy side-project, different musicians rotated in and out of the band, each leaving their own mark on the music. Now, with Jackie Perrone on bass, Justin Krim on guitar, and Nick Spizzirri on drums, the group pushes the original concept to create a unique blend of bright, catchy, enthusiastic power pop. After releasing their first EP "Fledglings" on vinyl via North End Records, premiering songs on The Wild Honey Pie, and landing on The Deli Magazine's Best of NYC Emerging Artists Poll, Twiga is in the studio this summer to record their latest EP.

Sat. Nite Duets

Milwaukee's premier purveyors of shaggy guitar rock, Sat. Nite Duets, try their damndest to be frivolous. On 2010's One Nite Only and 2011's Wilder Dreams, hardly a minute goes by without a wink or a self-conscious, dude-friendly nod. The band's gloriously random and lo-fi videos have been just as silly. (A tiger playing air guitar on a chainsaw in a bathtub? Sure.) But on the excellent new Summer Of Punishment, Sat. Nite Duets let their guard down and reveal some genuine concerns, if only for a moment. Sure, there are still plenty of lyrics about getting shit-faced and carpooling with AC/DC, but scratch the shambling surface and you'll find a wistful, winning tribute to gauzy nostalgia and misspent summer youth. (The Onion)

Hiccup is a 3 piece rock 'n roll band from Brooklyn, NY. Hiccup combines pop melodies with vocal harmonies and a buzzsaw distortion that one sound engineer complained "sounds like bees." Hiccup will waste half of practice gossiping if they don't focus.

Alex (The Chris Gethard Show) on guitar & vox. Hallie (The Unlovables, The Chris Gethard Show) on bass & vox. Piyal (New Oldies) on drums.


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