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Valiomierda has its priorities in order. Yes, the band delivers lyrics in Spanish and Portuguese as well as in English, but trilingualism is less important to cohorts Lance Julander, Val Landrum, Bart McCrorey and Igor Panasewicz than is rocking listeners to within an inch of their lives. Thanks to originals such as "Evil Bitch" (not to mention a crushing cover of Motorhead's "Killed by Death"), Valiomierda is lethal in any language.

VALIOMIERDA: Self-titled: CD
Gotta give these guys their propers for a) describing themselves as a "metal band with punk sensibilities," which is much more accurate a description than "hardcore;" b) wearing their Ratos De Porao influence on their sleeve. While they don't quite work themselves into a heavy-duty froth like RDP, they do keep things nice 'n' uptempo, with growly vocals, downtuned guitars, and lyrics in Spanish, Portuguese and English. –Jimmy Alvarado (

December 26th, 2006 15:34

Of the three discs that showed up in my mailbox, Valiomierda was by far my favorite. Their self titled release is a mish mash of metal and punk subgenres, and in 1989 this release would have fit firmly into the "crossover" movement that was in full effect. What bands do you think of when I say crossover? Do you think of bands like DRI and SOD? Okay, well take those bands, add dashes of Sepultura, Napalm Death, and maybe just a touch of Brujeria and you have a really good idea of what you will be getting into with Valiomierda. The lyrics aren't exactly what you would call cerebral, but they can sing 'em in three languages so I guess it's all good. Valiomierda apparently doesn't believe in wasting time either, as the whole disc clocks in at a tidy 25 minutes. Perfect for the ADD crowd.

If you are looking for a new thrashy type band to add to your collection, Valiomierda would be worth the investment. There's only one thing that bothers me about this band, and that's the name. I can't for the life of me figure out what Valiomierda means. I mean the second part is easy enough, since mierda means shit. I can't translate "valio" to save my life, so I am gonna make a judgement call and say that "valio" is Portuguese for "whale". "Whale shit", I am sure that's it. I mean, what could possibly be more hardcore than whale shit? Fuck yeah, whale shit... Ok Lets solve this mystery Valiomierda means???

Reviewed by - Roy Starin

FREE EVENT - $10 All you can eat Vegan Pizza

FREE EVENT - $10 All you can eat Vegan Pizza

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