Lights Down Low SF Featuring Roman Flügel and Heidi

Roman Flügel

One of the biggest names in the German electronic music scene. Active since the early 1990's, Flugel is a chameleon visiting many styles from ambient/idm to house, techno, electro and leftfield. Works solo or with long time partner Jorn Elling Wuttke. Also co-founders of the Ongaku/Klang/Playhouse labels.

Heidi has worked hard over the past decade to make her mark on the new house and techno music generation. You only have to visit her worldwide brand of Jackathon parties and or listen to her BBC Radio 1 show to experience her passion for music and fiery nature.

Heidi spends her life immersed in music. She lives and breathes the touring lifestyle, whether its 25,000 person crowds in Latin America or festivals such as Exit ,Global Gathering, Detroit's Movement fest and the infamous cave of fabric in London or Japan's Womb or holding her own at Jackathon residency strongholds in Ibiza, London, Berlin's Watergate and Manchester she fits within any destination around the world. Never afraid to fight for what she wants, for Heidi it's not about right place, right time. She has won through sheer determination and sharing the magic with those she loves at every step.

"I made the leap of faith into choosing this as a career and putting every last ounce of energy I have into it. I could have flopped on my face but I stuck it out and proved myself to my peers. Every achievement was because I gave 110% of myself, treated everyone with genuine kindness, and sacrificed things in my life that people take for granted."

In any conversation about San Francisco's party scene, it's inevitable that Richie Panic's name will be at the forefront. He's known not only for his performances as a DJ but also for launching legendary parties including Frisco Disco, Blow Up, and most recently the mega popular Lights Down Low, which is best known for having an ear to the future, hosting the most groundbreaking underground artists on the brink of hitting next level trendsetting success.

With his unique mixes of weird, eclectic house and techno, Richie Panic has been seen lighting up stages around the globe, from major festivals to the deepest rave caves. His performances and recorded mixes are as fun as they are smart, bringing together the hippest dance music with deep cuts that the weirdos already know and the newbies won't forget. Upon entering the dance floor of one of his parties or DJ sets, you'll find yourself instantly surrounded by a crowd of the hippest club kids, wildest freaks, and most devoted music lovers, all moving, dancing, and sweating. An evolving entity within itself, you become one with the party monster that is the twerking, vogue-ing, touching, hazy, laser-beam lit crowd. Lose yourself dancing until dawn and plan on calling in sick to work tomorrow.

Most importantly, Panic is devoted to finding the music that moves us, bringing together a diverse community who throw aside stereotypes to unite and dance together under one roof. In a San Francisco climate where rents are rising and Silicon Valley is quickly moving in, he's is keeping it cool for the artists, musicians, and queer communities who make the city the crazy playground it is. Among the nocturnal personalities, Richie Panic is nothing less than a household name.
-Katie Kopacz 2015


Mozhgan is a DJ based in San Francisco, California. Since 2011 she has been throwing one of SF's most musically diverse dance events, We Are Monsters, where she is a Resident DJ. Combining elements of Cosmic Disco, Cold Wave, Minimal Synth, Post Punk, Rock, Industrial, and EBM with House and Techno, the monthly event has brought together forward thinking DJs and crowds in an intimate setting. She has also brought her instantly recognizable style and sounds to the annual Sunset Campout and Burning Man, as well as a recurring weekly set at Monarch in SF. Mozhgan has developed her distinctive approach to selecting and mixing music that has distinguished her as one of the outstanding new DJs in San Francisco.

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