Speaking to our times’ hopes and possibilities with evolutionary artistry and Emceeing, one way to describe his music is exceptional. A profoundly lyrical, poetic and in-depth yet conversational artist is how you will get to know Aquil through his rhymes. Aquil shows his dedication and appreciation of Hip Hop music and music in general with authenticity, honesty and lyrically fluid delivery. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa., Aquil is a lifelong admirer of music and has honed his skills, unafraid to mix genres such as the Blues, Jazz, Afro Beat, and Funk into a Hip Hop interpretation. His live shows are remarkable, leaving the crowd captivated, inspired and shouting for more.



Writtenhouse, the rapidly emerging hip-hop crew from Philadelphia, has been building a near-deafening “next big thing” buzz. Driven by riveting live shows and the undeniable charisma of their frontman and emcee, 26 year-old Charlie K. (CK), they have captivated an increasingly rabid following.


In spring of 2005, a surge of creative energy sparked the atmosphere at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, as students across campus came together to express themselves in fresh and innovative ways. Among them, three musicians were inspired to come together and pool their collective talents and ideas. This was the inception of Sela, with David Martin (MC and bass), Josh Long (guitar), and Margel Overton (vocals and keyboard). A creative outfit from the beginning, they came away from these early sessions with the songs "Wanna Know Your Name" and "Can I Get Next To You." After finding a part time drummer, they began to give life to their songs on stage. While continuing to hone their skills, Sela added Josh's brother Tim Long to take over bass, allowing David to focus on rapping, their long time friend and emcee MJ Harris, and JP Dudas came on board as full time drummer. With its current, solid lineup, Sela has performed with artists such as Khari Ferrari, Kuf Knots, Pigeon John, DJ Phish, Dice Raw, Nikki Jean, and Ab-Liva. Trained musicians, the members of Sela incorporate their technical knowledge with their diverse sonic influences (N.E.R.D., The Roots, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gym Class Heroes, Gorillaz) producing an explosive sound that consistently delivers electrically charged live performances. Audience hits include "Tastykakes," "Pump Your Fist," and "Out There," which showcase the band's hypnotic infusion of rock, jazz, dance and hip hop. Weaving together charismatic rapping, aggressive beats, vigorous riffs, and high powered vocals, Sela can't help but ignite each audience in aural euphoria.


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