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The Wholetones

Formed in 2007 when Alex Dorris and Taylor Freydberg met at a local bluegrass jam, the Wholetones were later completed with the addition of Russ Depa on upright bass, and Mayo Coates on drums.
They play a unique mix of bluegrass, folk, jazz, and metal, all translated through acoustic instruments.
Combining impressive technical skill with the spontaneity of jazz and drive of bluegrass, they put on ...a captivating live show, jumping from folk to metal as easily as they do from banjo to cello.
The Wholetones’ blend of genres is a result of the four members’ enormously varied musical appetite. They play and listen to reggae, metal, hip-hop, bluegrass, and everything in between, and the end product is a truly original sound.

The Kidney Stones

The Kidney Stones started out just like any other band; sitting in the pub at 4am, talking about accordions and St Patrick’s Day 2006. Coming from metal, ska, jazz and of course punk rock genres, an Irish pub band was the obvious solution.
The band lasted 2 years before realizing it’s potential as a genuine rock band, writing its own songs and playing more than just Irish drinking songs. The original music that spawned from the Kidney Stones in these early years melded the framework for the bold, outrageous, Guinness-soaked music that still sprouts from the Kidney Stones today.
The bands influences are once again typical; ranging from the Pogues, Pantera, Hepcat, Fear, Gypsy Kings, Rage Against the Machine and of course the great Neil Diamond. With all these influences, anything can come out of the Kidney Stones at any time. A Viking metal intro will turn into a beer slinging dance party. French accordion waltzes turn into southern rock. Irish jigs turn into, well, louder irish jigs!
On the 5 year anniversary of the band, they decided to add another key member to the band. It just so happens that the drummers soon to be wife is an amazingly talented fiddle player. It was too perfect to pass up. The Kidney Stones are now complete with a lineup of fiddle, accordion, harmonicas and of course guitar, drums and bass.
The Kidney Stones are now in their 7th year as a band, and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Coming soon to a pub near you.

Lone Wolf OMB

Lone Wolf is a one man band who consist of Bruno Esposito singing raspy, dirty, vocals, playing slide banjo, bass drum with his left foot and giving a thumb tap rhythm against the banjos snare like drum, while picking the strings and playing harmonica. This style creates a unique, real, authentic sound that is unlike anything you"ve ever heard.

The Bloody Jug Band

Founded in 2009 and hailing from Orlando, Florida, this 8-piece group has adapted traditional Jug band instruments like washboard, washtub bass, mandolin and harmonica to create their unique sound. The band has performed all over the South Eastern United States and shared the stage with notable acts such as Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band, Joe Buck, Edwin McCain, 3 Bad Jacks, Old Man Markley and many others...

Kentucky Knife Fight

One day, an interdepartmental love affair between the SIUE school of Art, the Music Department, and the School of Education led to the conception of a 4 man dirty rock group. Nate Jones, Jason Holler, James Baker and Jason Koenig had either shared beers, classes or conversations prior, and after a few songwriting sessions and a few more parties, they decided to harness their collective creativity.
Originally starting off as a folk/rockabilly hybrid, the group underwent a dramatic and loud change over a small amount of practices, and was born as a bluesy garage rock outfit on the stage of Stagger Inn during an open mic night. Armed with only 3 songs and 15 watt practice amps, the small, not quite appropriately dressed band slayed the crowd, and the name "Kentucky Knife Fight" quickly circulated amongst the college town dwellers. Months later, the band added a close friend, David Wiatrolik, to the fold as a second guitarist.

The combination of Holler's background in poetry, Baker's and Jones's intuitive self-taught musicianship, and Wiatrolik and Koenig's strict and finely crafted Jazz leanings have led to songs that show great maturity since that first Open mic night years ago. Even the songs written for their debut LP "The Wolf Crept, The Children Slept," which has gained critical praise in Midwestern circles, have been surpassed by newer and as yet unrecorded material. The twang is twangier, the dirt is dirtier, the shifts more dynamic, the bluegrass, blues and punk influences more integrated, leaving their respective genres to become something else entirely.

Andy Matchett & The Minks

Andy Matchett & The Minks are from Orlando, Florida... Yeah, let's just get that out of the way right now - ORLANDO - A tourist town built on the fine arts of pop music & cartoons. How can meaningful rock music come out of that much sunshine and suburban happiness? The truth is, the dichotomy & secret suffering of the City Beautiful is as important to Andy Matchett's songwriting as any cold, northern borough could ever be. Just like their hometown, The Minks are known for the good times - a live show that "completely transforms the sphere of interaction" with confetti blasts, leaf blowers & a gigantic parachute that covers the crowd - sure, its a tourist attraction. But, when you really get to know the city - and the band - there's a darker, more cultured undercurrent just beyond the fun that's absolutely begging to be explored. Case in point, The Minks' debut album "The Apple Tree Circle" has been hailed by both local fans & critics alike as "near perfect", "truly exceptional" & "a universal pleasure". As much as AM/TM bring the party at shows, the focus in the studio is on seasoned songcraft and lyrical depth. From tongue in cheek "party" tracks like "Too Much Happiness" & "Thoughtsalot" to the emotionally nude ruminations of "Blind Owl" & "(I'll See You On) Monday", this band is as truly interesting & sincere as it gets. As you comb through the crowded landscape of bar bands, mainstream douche rock & hipster fashion trends, Andy Matchett & The Minks stand out as a true original. A band equally at home in the glittery limelight & down in the dumps, existing somewhere between indie & mainstream, party & patience, theme park & Winter Park... all in the image of the wonderfully misunderstood city it came from.

The Applebutter Express

Some people may discover The Applebutter Express through their new song “Hey My Brotha,” a single from their sophomore project One For The Home Team, which is featured in the Ron Howard film “The Good Lie” starring Reese Witherspoon released in October of 2015.

However, the band’s story begins in 2004, when Kyle Biss met his future wife Shannon while working at a record store in Bradenton, Florida. Still a focused bass player, Kyle picked up a ukulele in 2010 and began to write songs, with the idea of singing with Shannon (his then girlfriend) for fun on the couch. Pretty soon the duo began making a name for themselves among the open mic community; in no time, the eclectic, tuneful duo – now known as The Applebutter Express – were the talk of Tampa, Fl. Kyle and Shannon married in 2011, and in 2012 added Joe Trivette on the fiddle. Newest member, Zach Rogers (bass) joined in 2015.

Since then, The Applebutter Express has performed at such prestigious festivals as Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Hulaween, Suwannee Springfest, and many others.

Besides their newest, One For The Home Team, Applebutter Express has released one prior full length album; the prolific foursome has a third album already in production.

The Mud Flappers

Brandishing a wide arsenal of traditional acoustic instruments, this seven piece mini-orchestra has developed a reputation for ecstatic live performances and infectious onstage energy. Pulling influences every which way from the depression soaked blues of the dustbowl to the prohibitionary jazz of your local speakeasy. This sonic gumbo will have you coming back for seconds every time!

Hindu Cowboys

Now in their 17th year of performing together The Hindu Cowboys continue to serve as a Central Florida's veteran troubadours of Americana music.

The Hindu Cowboys sound is rich with folk, traditional string band and corn-fed roots music, all topped off with retro-country gravy. Their live sets are often laced with cover songs from old-school country (pre-1976) and classic rock, reinvented in the Hindu Cowboys style. The band frequently tours and performs as a 4-6 piece band, but principally has a writing and arrangement core based around its three founding members: Joseph Martens, playing acoustic guitar and lead vocals, Craig Roy on upright bass, and George Dimitrov on electric guitar. The musical style of the Hindu Cowboys is a unique combination of the musical roots of the origins of founding members, from Nashville, to the Southwest corner of New York State, and across the ocean to Bulgaria. The current lineup adds some of the best musician talent from Central Florida, including Gary 'Doc' Hibbard on pedal steel, fiddle, mandolin and electric guitar; Jessy Lynn Martens on fiddle, mandolin and vocals; and Gabriel Collazo on drums and war paint.

The Hindu Cowboys were formed in 1998 in Orlando, Florida, and still make Central Florida their home. The band released its debut seven-song independent album in 1999, which received world-wide critical acclaim and airplay. The attention of their first CD and their live performances caught the eye of The Wildhorse Saloon (in its heyday, it was a gateway to the Nashville labels) earning them week-long showcases at their venues in both Orlando, FL and Nashville, TN.
In 2004, the band released "Live After Five, the Hindu Cowboys; second album, crafted as a tribute to the band’s loyal fan base. The record contained fifteen (15) favorites from the Hindu Cowboysplaylist.

The band’s music made its way into the movies in 2006, when” Alabami Bound", a cut from the band's first album, was added to the soundtrack for Altered - a sci-fi movie by the director of The Blair Witch Project.

The band released its third CD in December, 2007 - a five-song EP which is a prelude to a long-awaited return to studio recording.

The Hindu Cowboys perform at many notable gatherings annually that includes Great Blue Heron, Riverhawk, String Break and the Albino Skunk music fesitvals. They made an appearance on the WARPED Tour during the tour’s 2002 Central Florida stop as well as appearing on the main stage of Orlando Calling 2011.

The Hindu Cowboys have shared the stage with Dale Watson, Peter Rowan, Donna The Buffalo, Fred Eaglesmith, Drivin' n' Cryin', Jim Lauderdale, Marty Stuart, Los Lobos, The V-Roys, Chris Isaak, The Flatlanders, Dwight Yoakam, Restless Kelly, Del McCoury, Steep Canyon Rangers, Warren Haynes Band, Hank Williams III, The Waybacks, Tim O’Brien, Rhonda Vincent, The Gourds, The Iguanas and Robert Earl Keen, among many others.

Lauris Vidal

Lauris Vidal has always treated the neck of his guitars like the skate parks of central Florida, where he grew up. Lauris has navigated both instrument and skate session with an aggression and ease of stride that serves not to impress or intimidate, but to inspire and invigorate.

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