Purples, Gladshot, Sacred Destinies

Purples is a rock band from Philadelphia.  They try to make sense of this chaotic universe and of course they fail.  Their music is a pleasant byproduct of this failure.  The music is played by Peter, Brian, and Jonas.


In summer 2014 New York City band Gladshot released Maxwell's Cool Demon, a new EP produced by John Agnello (Kurt Vile) that features Debbie Andrews' and Mike Blaxill's shared vocals and songwriting, and combines elements of rock, pop, groove, garage and folk with insistent guitars, B3 organ, piano and Wurlitzer keyboard sounds. After a show last fall RadioStatic Philly added them to their "Dept of Amazing Out of Town Bands." They are also developing Barcode, a dystopian futuristic rock n roll musical written with HAiR co-creator Jim Rado

Sacred Destinies

Sacred Destinies is a folk-duo composed of Jet Elfman, lightning, Charlyne Yi, one rare sword, and a bottle of ghosts.

"Frail vocals harmonize over delicate string work - floating by like two quiet birds" - Eastsider LA



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