Caged Animals, Everyone Is Dirty, A Deer A Horse

Caged Animals

Caged Animals is the musical moniker for Jersey-born, Brooklyn-based songwriter/producer Vincent Cacchione. With a long history in the boro's DIY music scene, Cacchione emerged from his roll fronting Soft Black (a psych-rock group who's members included DIIV's Zachary Cole Smith) to form Caged Animals in 2011, alongside his sister Talya, partner Magali Charron, and childhood friend Patrick Curry.
Promptly signing to London's Lucky Number Music, Caged Animals delivered two LP's of their tune-forward and sometimes noir-tinged music. Described by The New Yorker as a "hip-hop influenced Velvet Underground" and The Guardian as the perfect band to re-soundtrack Blue Velvet, Caged Animals defend the line between the timeless and the cutting edge, while remaining direct, soulful, and uniquely unguarded.
Alongside his work with Caged Animals, Cacchione has begun to make a name for himself as a producer, helming the forthcoming musical debut of acclaimed author Larry "Ratso" Sloman, Stubborn Heart, an LP which afforded Cacchione the opportunity to work with lifelong heroes Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, and John Cale.
On their forthcoming third LP, Escape Artist, an album which features avant-alto-saxophonist Chris Aiello and includes a ghostly guest, singing saw, appearance by Julian Koster (Neutral Milk Hotel/The Music Tapes), Caged Animals have distilled their musical vision into it's most focused and razor-sharp form, balancing their intimate song craft with a sonic journey that whispers, howls, and remains consistently engaging. Throughout the LP's twelve tracks a through-line begins to emerge that pushes gently against the insurmountable and knocks it clean over.

Everyone Is Dirty

Formed in early 2013 in Oakland, Everyone Is Dirty has been steadily rising on the strength of their hard-hitting home recordings described as "bedroom-tapes on bath-salts" and their explosive live show, distinguished by frontwoman Sivan Lioncub's exotic electric-violin antics and emotionally charged performance. Her violin style has been described as punk, noise, romantic, ethereal, and it encompasses all that, but her violin is a captivating tool of self expression that you really just have to witness. As she moves across the stage wielding her fiddle like a weapon, co-songwriter/engineer Christopher Daddio culls monstrous tones out of his beat-up acoustic guitar, while heavyweights drummer Tony Sales and bassist Tyler English keep that rhythm section cooking hot hot.


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