Mind Monogram

Mind Monogram is a 4 piece(Edgar Ruiz/Chris Caro/Bryan Mejia/Billy Azurdia) band with an ambiguous sound. With the welcoming vibe they create, you'll find yourself nodding your head ever so slightly in a euphoric, dream-like daze.

Moon Ensemble

Moon Ensemble is a combination of influences including; ShoeGaze, Funk, Blues, and a generous dash of Psychedelic Dance. The combination is dubbed "Funk Gaze," and they are the pioneers of this Genre. The band consists of 4 musicians who grew up in the same town but their paths did not cross until 2014. Eager to stimulate the minds of their audience, Moon Ensemble just released their self-titled EP. Indulge yourself in the music and get lost in your memories.

Daydream Time Machine



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