For sixteen years the Pacific Northwest group Agalloch has defined what it means to combine influences from a variety of musical genres into one brooding, colossal, and cinematic sound that provides the soundtrack to existential themes concerning man, nature, loss, and death. It has been said that Agalloch is to heavy metal what Ingmar Bergman is to cinema.

After two demo releases in the late 90s the band released three full-length albums: "Pale Folklore" (1999), "The Mantle" (2002), and "Ashes Against the Grain" (2006). "The Mantle" has since been heralded as a classic for having been one of the first albums to combine elements from black metal, neo-folk, progressive rock, post-rock, and ambient music. The influence of this record can be seen in many so-called "post-black metal" bands today.

In 2008 Agalloch began re-releasing their demos, B-sides, and EPs under their own Dammerung Arthouse label. In 2010 their fourth album "Marrow of the Spirit" made number one on numerous critic's top ten lists. In between each of these full-lengths the band pushed on the flexible boundaries they had developed around themselves through a series of EPs that found the band experimenting with post-rock/instrumental rock ("The Grey," 2004), neo-folk/psychedelic folk ("The White," 2008) and most recently a mammoth twenty-minute epic work entitled "Faustian Echoes" (2012) released through Dammerung Arts.

Agalloch has earned a reputation for explosive and emotional live performances. They have sold out tours across Europe and the US and have played a variety of major festivals including: Roadburn, Inferno, and Scion among others. The band takes special care constructing the environment of each and every show with wood, incense, and imagery taken directly from their home in the Northwest. Such care makes an Agalloch show more than just a typical heavy metal concert.

Hailing from three music epicenters of North America, Taurus is a band made up of roommates, bandmates and best friends who are aware that a tri-local band sounds's not. At all.


Rituals is an LA based electronic band featuring vocalist Neil Popkin, of the band War Tapes, electronic producer Julian Denis and Australian based drummer Pablo.

Denis teamed up with Popkin in the early fall of 2010. Being a long time supporter of War Tapes, Julian had been following Neil's musical achievements throughout the years and approached him with some basic song ideas that were missing vocals. When Julian asked Neil if he knew of any vocalists that might be interested in the project, Neil simply stated, "Yes, me."

Late nights of beat-tweaking and lyric-scribbling mixed with bar-hop- brainstorming sessions was the result of the next several months. Rituals slaved away in their home studio in Downtown LA developing their distinct sound, which has been constantly growing and evolving since. However, after their debut show one rainy afternoon at a warehouse party in Echo Park, the duo found themselves lacking one key ingredient.

Enter Pablo. LA Native, now Australian based goth/rock drummer from the former dance punk band Suicide Club.

Having shared the stage many times with Pablo in the past, Popkin couldn't think of anyone better equipped to play drums in Rituals. Convincing Pablo to move back from Australia solely to play in Rituals was simply a matter of emailing him an MP3 entitled "Spinning Out Of Control."

Despite no physical releases to this date, Rituals have already amassed a very strong online following. Having only played a handful of shows all over the United States, Rituals unique live performance has gained popularity by word of mouth.

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