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Due to popular demand, we're adding a second show! Atlanta Cartoon Icons The Brothers Chaps will celebrate the 20th Birthday of Homestar Runner with a show at Venkman's on Friday, October 7th!

They'll be backed by the guys from the Yacht Rock Revue (including Venkman's owners Nick and Pete) to perform hits by Strongbad, Homestar, Limozeen and all of your flash cartoon favorites.

We will be performing songs from the website including the hits "Trogdor" "The Cheat Is Not Dead" "Everybody to the Limit" and "Fish Eye Lens." Some of the performances will include video content, and we will be showing classic cartoons.

The Homestar Runner site frequently features songs and videos within their animated shorts or as stand-alone entities. These are primarily sung and performed either by the characters or by fictitious artists serving as parodies of various genres. Real-life musicians They Might Be Giants have also appeared occasionally, performing with a Homestar puppet, or with the characters in the video to their song Experimental Film.

In Strong Bad Email #58, dragon, Strong Bad is asked to draw a dragon, creating “TROGDOR, THE BURNiNATOR,” and performing his heavy metal theme song. Trogdor's popularity saw the character appear on merchandise such as T-shirts, hoodies, and posters, with an extended version of the song appearing on the CD Strong Bad Sings.

In 2002, a faux hair metal band, Limozeen, was introduced as a parody of 1980s hair metal bands like Skid Row, White Lionand Poison; with songs including "Because, It's Midnite" and "Nite Mamas". On March 17, 2008, "Limozeen" (actually the Atlanta indie band Y-O-U along with Matt Chapman on vocals) performed a live show in Atlanta, Georgia,[21] and again on November 8, 2008, opening for indie pop band Of Montreal.[22] A college rock band called Sloshy (with the logo stylized in lower case and rotated 180 degrees, with the "o" being a different color, as "ʎɥsoןs") was introduced in 2007. Sloshy features songs in the musical vein of Pavement such as "We Don't Really Even Care About You" and "The B-est of B-Sides". Other fictitious artists include Scandinavian death metal parody Taranchula, rapper Peacey P, with a singing style resembling that of Snoop Dogg, and the self-absorbed R&B artist Tenerence Love.

2 of the songs from the "Strongbad Sings" Album were on Guitar Hero.


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Reservations for the Captain's Room (private dining room) can be reserved for parties of 12-20 guests. For more info call 470-225-6162.

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