Trash Talk

Trash Talk is an American hardcore punk band hailing from Sacramento, California, formed in 2005. Trash Talk combines modern hardcore and thrash with the aggression of its descendents, creating a sound that is at once exciting, unrelenting and entirely fresh.

“Trash Talk are unstoppable, uncontrollable and the band to pledge your allegiance to this year.”
The New York Times

“When Trash Talk starts a song at a show, it sounds like a jar opening and releasing the vacuum seal: the snap, the coordination, makes audiences go kablooey.”

“Trash Talk is a masterclass in sonic violence.”
7.8 album review

“Eyes & Nines” works as a full-immersion experience, its sludgy roar hitting hard on a visceral gut-level.”
Alternative Press

“Eyes & Nines melts faces entirely on its own merit.”
The Fader
(cover story Nov 2010)

“Trash Talk just compress all of these details into a brutal little package. We’re better off without the trimmings.”
ArtRocker (UK)

“In a time where personality and spirit are often beaten out of bands before their first single drops; the emergence of Trash Talk is a welcome arising.”

Antwon is a new breed of rapper/musician that's part of the new more eclectic style of Hip Hop embracing Internet culture and flourishing amongst the blogosphere and file-share sector. He hails from San Jose, CA, backed by his long time friend DJ Sex Play. Many have compared his flow to that of Notorious B.I.G. His topics range from death obsession/nihilism to love of women and praise of food. His live performances generate the raw energy of a punk show, circle pit and all. His first official mixtape, Fantasy Beds, was released in September 2011. Spin heralded his End of Earth mixtape as one of the top 40 Hip Hop Albums of 2012, while Gorilla vs. Bear named it one of the top 50 Albums of 2012.

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