Suite 709

Suite 709

As bands spring up all around Austin, Texas, Suite 709's arrival to the music scene has the city buzzing. Every show is like a party from beginning to end. With a sound that has been classified by fans as funk to rock & soul, Suite 709 blends the elements of R&B and Soul with a touch of Rock to create a unique style that translates to multiple audiences. The Suite 709 sound is reminiscent of Motown's mega-pop group The Jackson 5 to modern day R&B superstar; John Legend, with a touch of James Brown's flare. Their thrilling live show is an indication of one thing in particular: Suite 709 wants to make you dance. Soulful frontman; Jirod Greene's playful melodic scats & vocal acrobatics matched with his animated stage presence holds the crowd's attention and his bandmates are just as engaging. Greene, David Butler (guitar), Ross Falcon (bass), Dietrich Schmidt (keys) & Zach Boston (drums) are bringing new flavor to music lovers. Suite 709 has their sights set on giving you an experience that you won't forget.

Ben Baxter

Ben Baxter is an emerging Austin based singer/songwriter. With a difficult sound to categorize, Ben blends the contemporary urban blues/hip hop sounds reminiscent of G. Love and Citizen Cope with a lively and clear acoustic guitar foundation. Fusing this acoustic base, Ben's inviting voice and his band's strong funk presence comes out in a memorable result. Ben and the guys are a highly compatible force that is sure to entertain and leave a bold impression on listeners.

Tje Austin

Singer Tje (pronounced TYE) Austin, a vocalist and songwriter who recently appeared on NBC’s “The Voice,” hails from Austin, Texas, is a breath of fresh air and is making his mark on the music scene. Tje’s smooth and warm vocals caress the soul and speak to the heart. Tje has opened for Grammy award nominees Anthony David, Dwele and Trey Songz. Tje’s fan base has increased exponentially through his Internet multimedia presence and multitude of performances. Tje was one of the featured artists on “Texas On Tour,” he sang the National Anthem for the 2010 American League champion Texas Rangers, his MySpace site has over 3,000,000 hits, and his music is in rotation on satellite radio. Tje released his second album titled “Xperience” on February 24, 2010 and is currently completing production on his third album titled “Dreamin’ Big” scheduled for release in 2011. The first single “City of Me” from the third album was released on February 8, 2011 and the second single “Hello Stranger” was released on June 18, 2011 and is available worldwide on iTunes, Amazon and other digital outlets.

Tje released his first album, “Love Me Knots” in 2008. A film producer happened upon the “Love Me Knots” album available on iTunes and Amazon, which resulted in his song “Today Tomorrow” being featured in MTV’s indie hit movie “Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom” and in “In Every Woman” played on the Today Show. At these accomplishments, Tje said he was “stoked!”

Tje’s talent grabbed the attention of Browns Town Music LLC (“BTM”). To launch the artist roster of its label, Browns Town Music was in the market for artists who are authentic and organic with the ability to effortlessly transcend all genres of music and make it their own. BTM found Tje’s talent to be a natural fit in its creative vision.

Rudy Jones, an award-winning recording engineer and co-founder of Browns Town Music, saw in Tje commitment to his craft and the brand of talent that stood on its own without studio wizardry because of its purity and comfort to the soul. Tje’s songwriting talent is equally impressive as his vocal prowess. Tje says that, “I am inspired by small moments, whether they happen to me, my family, or my friends. I take how I feel and try to connect on a personal level with people who listen to my music because we all go through the same life issues!” The partnership between Tje and BTM is elevating Tje to explore new music that stretches his vocal and songwriting talent. Tje says, “Who I am, moves me to speak about life through my music. What happens to me is happening to someone else, and it is comforting, whether it is good or bad, to know that you are not alone; and this is what my music is about, comfort.”

From the emotional well-spring of singer-songwriter Jeff Crowder, came the integral foundation for Houston-based artistic rock band, Deep Ella. With meaningful lyrics and organic melodies as the backbone of the project, the band released the record "Last Year's New Thing," in 2002. LYNT was characterized by a mix of diverse songs with a range of styles that embody the wavering passion of a progressive youth. Drawing together the experience of local success, consistent gigs, and a loyal fan base, the band began tinkering in the studio, using a few EPs to mold their sound. Deep Ella spent the better part of 2006 holed up in Helberg House, the band's home studio, working on their sophomore album "Empty Seas and Memories." The devotion of a decade paid off. Building on their talents, Deep Ella perfected an intricate mix of lusty vocals, aggressive guitar work and eclectic rhythms. The momentum of the "Empty Seas" release in 2007 allowed the band to explore regionally, supporting national acts like Blue October, Civil Twilight and the Paper Tongues. Deep Ella is set to release their much anticipated third album " the Spider," July 17, 2010. Produced by bassist Matt Noevesky, of Blue October, " the Spider" is the culmination of a colorful vision of seasoned artists dedicated to transcending the sphere of modern rock.

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