Phono del Sol Music and Food Festival

The Fresh & Onlys

The latest of many marvels to come out of San Francisco, that inexhaustible source of bands that insists on reproducing almost all the aspects of pop and rock from times past, answers to the name of The Fresh & Onlys. The band, a project shared by Tim Cohen and Shayde Sartin, goes much further than a simple revival taking a little from here and a little from there, sometimes from fifties rock, or from elastic garage or from the immaculate pop of the Byrds. With a handful of self edited singles and cassettes, a self titled debut from 2009, sophmore full length "Grey Eyed Girls" from 2010 and the EP "August in my Mind" the Californians newest release "Play It Strange," is an incredible record of cheerful pop that can sound like R.E.M at times and the Cramps at others.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Unknown Mortal Orchestra first dropped into the world in late 2010 as a bandcamp account carrying a single called 'Ffunny Ffrends'.

'Ffunny Ffrends' was everything you imagined it might be – alien beatnik pop music that echoed 60s psychedelia and krautrock minimalism with just a hint of gentle weirdness that suggested its roots might equally lie in the verdant indie of the equally distant New Zealand scene.

Ruban Nielson is a New Zealand native who had transplanted to Portland, Oregon with his band Mint Chicks. UMO was a project conceived as Ruban's escape hatch to a new musical dimension where his vision of junkshop record collector pop could be realized in a sound that recalled Captain Beefheart, Sly Stone and RZA jamming on some kids TV theme too dark to ever be broadcast.

Out of the home studio, Ruban was joined by local Portland producer Jake Portrait on bass and teenage prodigy Julien Ehrlich on drums. They have been on the road all year, sleeping in ditches and running drunkenly from venues when needs be, curling ears and turning heads with their intoxicating sound all the way.

The eponymous UMO debut album is released June 21st on Fat Possum. Its probably something you should listen to.

Gardens & Villa

Gardens & Villa is the project of five college friends from Santa Barbara, formed following the collapse of a noisier post-punk band and a hitch-hiking journey up the west coast. Members Chris Lynch, Adam Rasmussen, Levi Hayden, Shane McKillop began playing in earnest as Gardens & Villa in 2008. The name is pulled from the location of their house on Villa Street, and the property's lovely garden to which they tend. The music they make is very much connected to coastal city they call home -- the stoney bike rides, dance parties, a scene free of judgment. For two weeks in the summer of 2010, the band camped behind visionary and now-labelmate Richard Swift's Oregon studio. No shower, no kitchen, but all the magic you could ask for. After taking a band oath to always play all parts live -- a la Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense -- the band added member Dusty Ineman to supremely execute the live incarnation of the band.

Dominant Legs

Dominant Legs is the project of Ryan William Lynch, with a little help from the alliterated Hannah Hunt. They make fragile pop songs that sound like Arthur Russell covering Aztec Camera's back catalog. Perhaps this is how Roddy Frame's early recordings would have sounded if he'd grown up in San Francisco instead of East Kilbride. The music also shares a little of Ariel Pink's misty 80s nostalgic spirit.

Since joining all-female punk trio Vivian Girls during the spring of 2007 Katy Goodman's DIY-style bass playing and drifty-faded vocals have sent waves of adoration rippling throughout Brooklyn's pop punk circuit. Her newest band La Sera showcases her signature style, bringing her talent for creating dreamy pop songs even more to the forefront. La Sera just finished a west coast tour and had a smashing time at CMJ.
After touring the world with Vivian Girls, releasing a handful of well-received records, and starting record label Wild World with her band mates, Goodman started exploring other outlets. She played in the short-lived dream-pop band All Saints Day in the spring of 2010, and a self-titled limited-edition 7" of spectral tunes was released on indie label Art Fag earlier this year.
In February 2010 Goodman started working on some fresh material that inspired the formation of her brand new band, La Sera. Her inspiration sprung from an attraction to early pop hits from the 1950's and ethereal choral vocals. Her new songs contain warm celestial-pop melodies that echo with the dreamlike effect of a church choir and effuse a softer, less aggressive sound than the Vivian Girls.
Recording with a tambourine, guitar, and layers upon layers of heavenly vocals, she started sending her songs to filmmaker/music producer Brady Hall (the director of Vivian Girls videos "Moped Girls" and "When I'm Gone"), who immediately wanted to collaborate and dove into re-recording her rough material himself. After hearing his finished work, Katy flew to Seattle and the two recorded all the vocals, mixed the songs and filmed two La Sera music videos at Brady's home studio.
The eponymous La Sera is the result of these sessions. With a dozen fresh tracks, La Sera muses on death, love, and love lost within the span of two minute choiral pop blisters. The phantasmic quality of Goodman's voice takes hold of the contradictorily upbeat "You're Going to Cry," while "Dove Into Love" seems to send time into drifting slow motion, enveloped by a wave of guitar strums. The lilting and delicate "Hold," meanwhile, tells the story of two people hugging each other to death. Hardly Art will release the full-length in early 2011, preceded by the limited 7" for "Never Come Around" out today.
La Sera is: Katy Goodman (bass, vox), Jenn Prince (guitar, vox) and Jonathan Weinberg (drums, vox, keys).

Sea of Bees

Multi-instrumentalist Julie Baenziger hails from Grandaddy's stomping grounds, California's Central Valley, and like her onetime neighbors, she has an impeccable knack for infusing despair with charm. Her pain is the loveless kind, and she conveys it in a voice equal parts twang and coo, backed by lush country-folk and gossamer bedroom haze. "Skinnybone" sounds like it takes place inside of a music box; "Marmalade" in dense woods on a moonless night. A quick dip into glitch seems like a novice move, but all that slide guitar and glockenspiel give Sea of Bees a seasoned sorrow.

"Took me about 50 seconds — the length of the woozy, haunting intro to "Marmalade" — to completely fall for Sea of Bees, the nom de tune of Sacramento indie-popper Julie Baenziger. Her debut album "Songs for the Ravens" sounds folky in some places, gauzy and ambient in others and twee as hell in still others, but beautiful throughout, and a potent reminder that emotional virtue is an artist's most precious commodity. This one's special, folks, let's not screw it up." --LA Weekly

"Songs for the Ravens is bound to be one of this year's finest records;as soon as you hear it you're not going to be able to shakeit." --Portland Mercury

"I'm not entirely sure why I love this album so much... ..That which I cannot put my finger on, is the mysterious, wonderful, and addictive qualities of this album as a whole. Bravo to Jules and her Sea of Bees." -Jason Lytle (Grandaddy, Admiral Radley)

The band consists of Ross Peacock (formerly of Clipd Beaks) and brothers Nathan and Cyrus Tilton (who were all previously in the Bay Area cult band Ned). Reference points such as Matthew Dear's Black City, The Secret Machines, and the Silver Apples are apt, but Mwahaha carves out their own sound and approach, regardless of the comparisons.

"After the demise of their former indie band Ned, Ross Peacock and brothers Nathan and Cyrus Tilton decided to carve out a new path, first by adopting a more rigorous rehearsal schedule, second by rechristening their outfit, and third by trying a few risky innovations, like surgically opening an amp for modiciation or setting microphones around a koi pond to record the sound of someone dropping a stone in the water. They use analog gear in Mwahaha, including a lot of vintage synthesizers and rickety sounding drum machines. The resulting music often sounds purposefully austere, but it's also riddled with interesting drum sounds and sharp guitar riffs. There's even the occasional pop hook." --East Bay Express

$7 - $10 sliding scale General Admission. $40 VIP.

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This second annual celebration of great Bay Area music and food returns to Potrero del Sol Park in San Francisco’s Mission District for an all-day, all ages extravaganza on July 21, 2012.

$7-$10 Sliding Scale General Admission $40 VIP (includes premium reserved viewing area, private restrooms, and 2 drink tickets)

Consistent with The Bay Bridged’s mission of creating affordable, community-oriented local music experiences a portion of the proceeds benefiting San Francisco Recreation and Parks, as well as two Mission-based nonprofits, Women’s Audio Mission and Girlventures. TICKETS AVAILABLE ONSITE

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