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AVAN LAVA is New York City's freshest Super-Pop act to come out since Madonna. "We've never had the pleasure of witnessing such a fun band!" - KEXP, "Disco future heaven" - Swizzlestick, "Critic's Pick" - TimeOut NY, "...completely blown away and captivated by their infectious energy and sound live...raw joyous energy, bright beautiful sounds and lust for life, as well as a few more carnal things...." - Kick Kick Snare

Notorious for their banging beats, laser shows, choreographed sequences, and unmatched energy, the group explodes in your face. Their sophomore EP Flex Fantasy was released February 21 to much critical acclaim, and has been heralded as the "Next phenomenon in upbeat party music" - The Pop Aesthetic. Every show this year has been SOLD OUT. Catch them now so you can say you did.

Computer Magic (DJ)

Computer Magic began in the Winter/Summer of 2010, and is the solo project of 22-year-old DJ/blogger Danielle "Danz" Johnson.

Danz is originally from upstate New York, and now resides in Brooklyn, NY.

Currently, Danz is working on Computer Magic's first full length album with Chris Egan on drums and percussion.


That Saadi's musical history reads like something out of a V.S. Naipaul novel is incidental. As the (entirely true) legend goes, Boshra al Saadi was born in Syria, sojourned in suburban Pennsylvania for a spin in Catholic school, ventured to NYC's Greenwich Village in her late teens with folksinger dreams, and cut her teeth as co-frontwoman for indie rock band Looker, before setting out on her own. It's an enchanting backstory no doubt, but it merely hints at the edges of the spirit of the songstress. Saadi's relaxed, yet electro-happy brand of indie pop transcends era, simultaneously redolent of no wave, new romantic, afro disco, shoegaze, post punk, and that ever-present other. Her voice possesses that rare blend of churning passion and disembodied detachment. It's no surprise she cites Brian Eno as an influence, as her radiant sounds hearken both the 1970s pop-savvy and the latter-day electronic experiments of that musical wizard.


Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, this band has been creating music since 2009. New wave vocals, and a mix of dream pop, Brit pop and shoegaze combine to make the sound that is Papertwin. The heavy usage of synthesizers informs their sonic foundation while translucent, crystalline vocals etch a distinguishing clarity to their sound. Often known for creating an airy, cloud-like atmosphere, the rhythmic presence of electronic drums bespeckled with bombarding fills points more clearly to the eras of 80's synthpop and 90's industrial.
Max Decker (guitar, vocals and songwriter), along with Francis Cardinale (drums), Nick Shopa, (keyboard) and Justin Michael Miller (bass), inspire dense yet bright, and robust melodic mixes, as evidenced in their self-produced debut album, Porcelain.

Decker, a schooled painter and artist whose work can be seen on the cover of the Porcelain EP, rekindled his musical passions after attending the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. He continued to paint vivid images and heartfelt emotions, but this time through the compilation and personification of modest words joined with strong beats and energetic melodies that hit a chord and trigger a can't-help-but-dance response.

Shortly after Decker began to revisit his musical side, he was quickly joined by high school friend Cardinale in 2009, who also brought Shopa, a classically trained guitarist with a skill for repairing and tuning pianos, with him to command the keyboard. Bassist Justin Miller, a Berklee College of Music alum, music producer and recording engineer, then completed the quartet in 2010.


"Spacecamp started in 2008 after writing the song "Red Finger", a protest to the rigged-voting practices under President Robert Mugabe in Zimbawe. This song, stuffed with drum fills, up-tempo-ballsy-guitar-riffs, and four part harmonies, sparked a strong relationship between members Jon Wiley, Steven Mertens, and Chris Egan; giving way to almost no creative limitations; point in case, their next song (which was written in the summer of '08 in both Denmark and Holland while on tour as Anti Folk hero Adam Green's band) would be titled "Girls on Bikes", a literal ode to girls on bikes. Touring was nothing new to Wiley, Mertens, and Egan, who all had equal part road warrior:
Mertens was part of the Moldy Peaches and with Adam Green since 2001. Wiley spent a good chunk of time with The Honorary Title. Egan spent a brief moment with 'The Honory Title' but really cut his teeth as the drummer for Say Hi To Your Mom.
In the summer of '08 while in Berlin with Adam Green, Spacecamp met Dev Hynes of Lightspeed Champion. Dev, a native Brit, had decided to move to NYC in the fall and record his second Lightspeed Champion record. When he did, he asked Spacecamp to record nearly all the music for the album. The band was flattered and recording took place in January of 2009 at Brooklyn's Mission sound.
One night while in the studio, Spacecamp took advantage of Producer Ben Allen's mic. set-up and recorded two songs after paying the assistant to secretly run the session; the results were the songs, "Miko D.T.B." and "Teen Idol". "Teen Idol" would later be mixed by Ben Allen.
2010 proved a busy year for Spacecamp. While on tour with both Adam Green and 'Lightspeed Champion' intermittently, they began filming "The Wrong Ferrari", later pegged a screwball tragedy. The movie, solely filmed on the iPhone, became a serious attempt at a full-length movie when actor Macaulay Culkin and musician Jack Dishel joined Adam and Spacecamp on tour in Germany; the movie was released online to find great success.
2010 also marked the addition of fourth member, James Pollis, after realizing the mutual respect the band and James had for each other as musicians."

Osekre & The Lucky Bastards


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