Maxxi Soundsystem

Maxxi Soundsystem

A typical Maxxi Soundsystem DJ set encompasses a tough, high energy ethos keeping the dance floor faithful on their toes for the duration of his performances. Strictly no laptops involved, crowd interaction and excitement is his main motivation. As the late Kenny Hawkes once said to him, 'Give them everything they want, but nothing they expect'.

After locking himself away in the studio for a while, more music is pencilled in for release throughout the year and an album project is in its embryonic stages. Best of all though, is Maxxi's musical connection with his father which has resulted in the two working together on material for the very first time. On the advice of Laurent Garnier no less, he knocked heads with his dad and produced a track which has inspired him to get working on a full EP.

Maxxi Soundsystem currently stands at an crucial and exhilarating point in his career, where the possibilities are endless, motivation is at an all-time high and the future is full of opportunity. It's what so many musicians dream of and something he continues to work on maintaining with a humble attitude and a sense of fun throughout. With these qualities, and his musical talent, he's sure to have a long-lasting career no matter what direction he takes...



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