pseudoboss, Metts, Ryan & Collins, Bad Ellie

Hearkening back to the days when guitars were loud, drums were heavy, and vocals were howling, pseudoboss is an original rock trio born 30 years too late. Hard-driving and emotive, dynamic and stirring, pseudoboss hopes to gain the respect of their peers while entertaining a broad spectrum of generations.

Metts, Ryan & Collins

Portland, Oregon rock 'n' roll trio, Metts, Ryan, & Collins (named after vocalist/guitarist Geoff Metts, bassist/vocalist Dain Ryan, and drummer/vocalist Mike Collins) follow up their four-song, self-titled EP with Homegrown, an eight-song collection that showcases the power trio's blend of classic rock and blues. Calling upon influences such as The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and AC/DC, blended with modern blues-rockers Black Keys and The White Stripes, Homegrown brings it all around for Metts, Ryan, & Collins (often referred to as MRC).

Written, rehearsed, recorded, and replicated in Portland, Oregon, the aptly-titled album showcases the homegrown nature of the band, though the music does the talking with half the album recorded live to tape (a first for the band), giving the music an organic, though dynamic feel.

"Everything that we did with this record was hands on and locally sourced, including the artwork," says frontman Geoff Metts. "The album title really represents the spirit of this album."

Taking a cue from their favorite records - by the aforementioned bands - MRC decided to eschew using click tracks and as few edits as possible on both sides of the album (yes, vinyl lovers, it is available on vinyl). In an era where digital recording allows for complete manipulation of a band's sound, MRC wanted to capture a feeling, a moment, and a style that transcends manipulation.

Bad Ellie

Bad Ellie is Ted Berry (guitar/vocals), Evan Berry (vocals), Michael Killian (guitar), Keith Parkhurst (drums/vocals), and Paul Brown (bass)



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