Main Man, Harps, Arkivist

Main Man

MainMan is an alternative rock band that hails from the sun-blasted hills of the San Fernando Valley. But you wouldn’t think that when listening to their music. That’s because a typical MainMan song sports a cool, melancholy vibe accented by brief surges of positive riffery. The band openly showcases a willingness to be unpredictable at times while still remaining sonically familiar. Songs like Stars Lord and Shag feel close to home and demand your attention with their hooky nature. Other songs like Vilify and Mistaker purposefully relish in elongated, coasting chords and thoughtful melodies. Mistaker in particular evokes a contemplative feel and seems to seek courage in its vulnerability. The band as a whole have known each other nearly all their lives. Each member has been in bands separately and together over the past seven years. All four members of MainMan are LA natives and currently reside in Southern California.

HARPS began in 2011 as a musical adventure of current frontman and recent Seattle-transplant Colin Brown. Following the disbanding of Columbia, SC-based band Marry A Thief, a group for which he played drums, Colin wanted to try something different. Over the next several months he met with many of his friends and colleagues in the Columbia scene and began work on what would eventually become HARPS' 2013 debut release, Marvelous Cheer.

After relocating to the pacific northwest in early 2012, the current lineup began to take shape when Brown met drummer and Seattle-native Nick Molenda(Allen Stone, Tess Henley, Discs of Fury). The two soon brought on female lead/pianist Kaitlin Uemura, rounding out the present lineup.

With the release of the aforementioned EP "Marvelous Cheer", the band proves themselves both commercially bankable and artistically spirited in a mere five songs. Lead‐off single "Rescue" is a song drowning in sing‐a‐long anthem and synth, while "Foundation" dangles a boy/girl back‐&‐forth so good that it gives Gotye and Kimbra a run for their money. All this set aside songs like "Let Me In" (which boasts bombastic live drums and lyrics that chime "I'll make you all the promises/that it takes for me to f*** it up") and the hip‐hop tinged "Wait and See" and you have the making of quite the interesting little record.

The very short of it is, frontman Colin Brown and his who's who of Seattle players are smart. Very smart. But don't be fooled by the touching nature of their keyboard‐pop. They have a bone to pick.


Black eyes, bruised knuckles, and broken glass: all that was left after the final night of tour.

Months later, at a farmhouse in the rainy winter woods outside of Portland, OR, Arkivist formed. Finding inception amidst the shattered parts, they shut off the outside world to experiment and stitch something together.

They found their way south to Los Angeles and teamed with producer Matt Bishop (Two Door Cinema Club, Silversun Pickups, Snow Patrol) to complete their new songs. The three musicians trade off lead vocal duties, weaving their voices with layers of synths, drums, piano and guitar.



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