Green Carnation

As with its namesake blossom's first appearance, peering from beneath the permafrost of Norway's winter, each successive Green Carnation album is a welcome sight in the dreary sameness of today's metal scene.

Norwegian avant garde progsters Green Carnation announce that they will be performing a full production of Light of Day, Day of Darkness live in 2016.

The 60-minute concept song was released in 2001 and have a cult status among fans worldwild. 2016 marks the 15 year anniversary for the release.

– The people involved in this are all buzzing. Light of Day, Day of Darkness is a very special album in many different ways for so many people, and we are looking forward to start rehearsing this beast live, founder and guitarist Tchort says.

The band announced their participation on Norway’s Blastfest in February, and there will soon be news about more shows, according to singer Kjetil Nordhus:

– We are already talking to several festivals on more than one continent already. So this is looking very, very good.

More news about the band’s full live up for the 2016 shows are coming up.

Green Carnation was formed as early as in 1990, but after Tchort joined Emperor for the Darkside Eclipse album shortly after, the band was put on hold until the debut album, A Journey To The End Of The Night was released in 2000. Light of Day, Day of Darkness followed in 2001, before the band took a change in direction, with A Blessing In Disguise (2003) and The Quiet Offspring (2005) before the band went all-acoustic with Acoustic Verses (2006).

The band is also known for releasing the epic live DVD A Night Under The Dam in 2007, recorded under a 30 meter high dam in the Norwegian mountains with audience having travelled from all over the world. The DVD is regarded as one of the most spectacular ones to having been released.

In 2014, the band reformed to play Under The Dam for the second time. There they included songs from the entire Green Carnation career.

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