Adlib is an internationally known Hip Hop artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
He has been building a loyal following with his high-energy show, relentless tour schedule and stellar reviews for his independent releases.

His raw style of blue collar and counter-culture topics act as a soundtrack for the misfit, outcast, weirdo and outsider.

The Shadyville /Hip Hop DX sponsored mixtape "Say Hello to the Bad Guy" received over 13,000 downloads and "Bad Newz" LP gained international physical placement in major chains such as Best Buy, FYE, Target, Kmart and more.

The HighWay LP and Teenagers from Marz EP were released on the independent label Sensi Starr, both were well-received. T.F.M. also placed in New and Noteworthy on ITunes and charted on Spotify Top 100 Hip Hop in Canada.

T.F.M. was solely produced and mixed by Rob the Viking of Swollen Members and was also released on limited color vinyl.

Adlib has been featured on songs with Grammy award winning and Platinum selling artists, as well as some of Underground Hip Hops elite such as: Travis McCoy, Doodlebug of Digable Planets, Vinnie Paz, Madchild, Slaine, ILL Bill, NiNe, Shabbam Shadeeq, UG and more.

Besides headlining tours throughout the US, Canada, and Europe, Adlib has toured with: Jedi Mind Tricks, Heavy Metal Kings, AOTP, Madchild and Danny Diablo.

Notable festivals include: Royal Arena (Switzerland) HipHop Kemp (Czech Republic) and Summer End (Spain)

Adlib is one of the main faces and controllers of the Battleaxe Warriors movement. He is a well-known Cannabis advocate and is the only artist sponsored by Illadelph Glass. He also has an endorsement deal with Smokers Excellence distributing Adlib's premium rolling papers "Rebel Hippies" manufactured by Ziggi.

Social Network reach close to 100K
700K individual YouTube views
Over 5000 documented members of Battleaxe Warriors
Thousands of fans worldwide with Battleaxe logo and Adlib Tattoos

Since the release of his debut solo album "Dope Sick", Madchild has refused to rest. After many years of success with Swollen Members, Madchild branched out creatively to become a solo artist and was rewarded with the highest chart position of his career as "Dope Sick" debuted at #3 on the Canadian Billboard Top 200 and #7 on the US Heatseekers chart. Madchild wasted no time taking to the road on a sold-out Canadian tour alongside Tech N9ne, which he immediately followed-up with a 40-date headlining tour across the country performing to packed venues. Madchild has relentlessly toured for the past few years earning fans in every city on tours with La Coka Nostra, Tech N9NE, Redman, and others. Madchild capped off an amazing year with a Juno Award nomination for "Dope Sick" in the category of "Rap Recording of the Year", as well as nominations for a Sirius XFM and a Canadian Independent Music awards.
Swollen Members have been an underground anomaly for more than a decade with worldwide success and accolades. The group are currently riding a wave of success, winning 4 Junos Awards and adding a nomination for a 5th award in 2012 for their "Dagger Mouth" album. In addition to their Juno awards, Swollen Members have also nabbed seven Much Music video awards and four Western Canadian Music awards. Swollen Members have collectively racked up 35 million views on Youtube, and earned both platinum and gold sales certification for sales of their albums. Swollen Members have supplemented their accolades with tours all over the world with acts such as Ghostface of the Wu-Tang Clan, Nelly Furtado and Black Eyed Peas. The group's loyal following of fans (known as Battle Axe Warriors) are some of the most fanatical, with many fans sporting the group's battle axe logo tattooed on their body.

After spending a couple years battling personal demons, Madchild took his life back with the help of his family friends and the unwavering support of his fans. Madchild renounced his former lifestyle and found solace in the arms of his music. Bunkering down in his home studio secluded from the outside world, Madchild has enjoyed a creative rebirth by crafting some of the best verses of his entire career. In addition to his creative rebirth, Madchild is now giving back to his community as he has started speaking at local high schools in British Columbia and to youth groups about perils of gang violence and drug addiction in Canada, which has helped inspire youth to make positive lifestyle choices.

As his solo career continues to soar to new heights, Madchild is sharply focused on creating captivating hip-hop. He is poised to have an even more successful 2013 with a brand new solo album "Lawn Mower Man", and a stint on this year's Warped Tour.

gLife is breaking the mold and exposing the system with his indie success in hip hop. Having been declared "top mover" by CMJ, he is on the road again with Boston legendary emcees Slaine (La Coka Nostra) and Jaysaun (Special Teamz) on their "Underdog Mentality Tour 2016". gLife stays on the charts and on the grind with his new album "gLife - One-Five", released in September 2015 it has already reached #11 on the CMJ (US and Canada college radio charts) and stayed on for six months.

Follow him on all social media sites @georgelife , all links available at www.georgelife.com


Adventure Time is (was? pretty sure "was" is more appropo) Frosty and Daedelus; I'm not sure what Frosty was up to, but Dae turned out to be a total beat strangler, releasing record after record packed with sampledelic instrumental bliss-bliss. My fave is Of Snowdonia (will somebody put that out on vinyl, please GOD!?!?) …

Back to Adventure Time: They put out, that I know of, one spectacular album called Dreams of Water Themes, two 7-inches that are likely hard to find (guess it's time to do some Gumshoe-in') and the "Glass Bottom Boat" 12-inch, which I was thrilled to encounter — and subsequently cozy up to — in Austin recently.

This five-cut mini-LP offers a glimpse of the glee of Water Themes but not the mind-empowering OOF! Plus there's a guest spot from Ellay Khule that hasn't aged well; not well at all. (Remember when indie-rap was all the rage and a ton of boring couplet-tossers like Living Legends and Jurassic 5 were everywhere? That's what "Whetting Whistles with Pigeon John" reminds me of with its bravadocious beat and bodacious low end. Not what I came to the Adventure Time party to hear … )

Much like Antipop Consortium records, with "Glass Bottom Boats" you have to skim the surface a bit for the creamiest bits, like beef from tallow (or something; not much of a tallow enthusiast). I just mentioned how there was a glut of standard-ass indie-rap, right? Well there also was a glut of instrumental hip-hop bands back then (2003-2005), and luckily it was of higher cloth, outfits like Alias, Blockhead, personal fave Odd Nosdam, Nobody, Deceptikon (which was a pretty rad group), RJD2 — don't try to tell me he's an "electronic" musician; I don't buy it — setting a standard that proved to be tough to follow (though I guess you could say Flying Lotus did a good job of futurizing it, along with Daedelus and a select-few others).

I can only imagine what Adventure Time might have accomplished had they kept at it. They took gloomy jazz samples and put them in a context that not only rebooted my sense of what good music could be at the time, but extended the root works into better environs than they originally existed in. It was fascinating, and the cover art to their albums — watery, squishy, eternally aqua-blue, cartoonish, etc. — is a perfect example of the Album As Art ethos in full effect. None of Daedelus' subsequent records look this good, playa!

Only on Side B does the Adventure Time duo set things right. Quick-skippin' "Crazy, Crazy Like a Fox" is vintage AT (though it is in fact a remix of a Shakeyface song), setting a head-nodding tempo from the giggety get-go and dosing the listening with a kaleidescopic array of sax flutters and doubled-up xylophone sprinkles (at least I hope they're double-tracked).

"Basil Bossy Never" is one of the brand new tracks on here and it's middling yet intriguing with its Cuban piano overtones and stuttering drums. Daedelus leaned heavliy on this track for one of the cuts from Snowdonia, that's fo' sho'. Another disappointment, WHAT'LL I DO? WHAT'LL I DOOOOO?

"Whetting Whistles" (Nobody remix) is another curious mix, teeming with elements that just don't interest the ear and more of those big-city bass lines that don't match up with my high expectations for Adventure Time, even if it is a Nobody remix.



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