Pleasure Burn, The Absurd, Greg In Good Company

Pleasure Burn

Pleasure Burn have been described as a band who bridges the gap between Bowie and The Strokes. They play heavy handed dance noise with an emphasis on the mighty hook. Indie Future Space Music.

Pleasure Burn is: Brian Murphy • Ray Blanco • Greg Coates

The Absurd was founded in Los Angeles, 2015, by Detroit troubadours Ben Foerg and Josh Loney under the belief that the most sure-fire way to financial success is through the currently booming music industry.

Under the name Ben Foerg & The Absurd, the duo came to Los Angeles in search of success and prosperity, instead finding poverty, loneliness and desolation. Just when all seemed bleak, a light at the end of the tunnel poked through and from it emerged disillusioned ex-Mormon drummer Colin Jensen. It was from this brew of contrarian personalities that The Absurd was born.

Though they steadfastly believe that genre distinctions are a false creation of the white male patriarchy, critics have described The Absurd as a psychedelic, heavy and melodic rock band that "makes you want to drop something heavy." Fans have described the band by saying "imagine that Pearl Jam and Bob Dylan had a millennial lovechild."

When asked how they would describe themselves, The Absurd was unavailable for comment.

Since their inception in late 2015 and the release of "The Trigger Happy EP" earlier this year, The Absurd have quickly risen from playing the darkest corners of the city's bar scene to some of the premier venues in Los Angeles and beyond. With an undying love of music, an unwavering skepticism of nearly everything and an unparalleled (and possibly unhealthy) ambition, The Absurd is rapidly becoming an LA staple worth raising a glass to.

Greg In Good Company

Greg In Good Company is a 5-piece, Los Angeles-based rock band formed by singer-songwriter Greg Gilman in 2015, with a current lineup consisting of bassist Alex U'Ren, guitarist Marty Vites, vocalist/pianist Lee and drummer Alexa Brinkschulte. Combining catchy melodies with soulful vocals and thoughtful lyrics, the band prides itself on appealing to music fans of all genres, without trying to conform to one. As music blog JaxxShack noted, "While a rock band at heart, they're also funky with touches of folk, country and ska, wrapped up with that pop appeal bow." The band's debut EP is available to buy on iTunes and stream on Spotify, while their latest single, "Damn Sure," is available to download for free at

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