St. Lucia

St. Lucia (DJ set)

Even in the urban wilds of Brooklyn, there may be no one else like Jean-Philip Grobler, aka St. Lucia. Originally from Johannesberg, St. Lucia grew up performing with the Drakensberg Boys Choir School. When the choir wasn't traveling - they toured Japan, Australia, Europe and more - they stayed in an enclave tucked in the South African mountains, learning everything from Bach to minimalist opera.

A young musician could hardly find better training. But musically, St Lucia's heart lay elsewhere, and South Africa was full of other rhythms. "My mom says I used to sing along to Michael Jackson," he says - an ordinary anecdote, until he adds, "when I was an infant." As a young teenager, he started to feel that he'd had his fill of classical, and it felt like an epiphany when he discovered the direct emotionality of pop. Eventually, he left the creative "small pond" of South Africa for England, where he spent three years studying music in Liverpool.

St. Lucia's journey ended - as so many journeys do - in New York City, where he started working on the tracks that would ultimately turn into his self titled debut release on Neon Gold. The atmospheric quality of St. Lucia's electronic pop is powerful, with the musician's global travels and history of secret hideaways effortlessly passed onto the audience through his dreamy, shimmering synths.

Neon Gold will release St Lucia's debut album later this year. Formerly a singles-only label that launched releases Passion Pit, Ellie Goulding, The Naked & Famous and helped launch the careers of countless others.

French Horn Rebellion (Live)

"French horn is hard to play. Making hot beats is fun. Let’s make a band."

Love Is Dangerous in the big, bad city where late nights always bring out swingers on party patrol, hipster
suits in dark alleys, beat-boxers at street corners and Poster Girls with Broken Hearts. It's Friday Night, baby and French Horn Rebellion's dance card is Void and Fancy Free.

FHR is Robert and David Perlick-Molinari, two Brooklyn-based brothers born and bred in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 2007, while hanging on a heartstring and daydreaming of Beaches and Friends, Robert had been playing French horn in the Chicago Civic Orchestra, got restless and decided to turn all attention to making dance music. After informing his conductor that Mahler isn’t fun anymore, Robert asked bassoontoting older brother, David, to share this epiphany of self-emancipation. Our sordid tale of French Horn Rebellion's mission to deliver NextJackSwing to The Body Electric begins here.

Black Light Dinner Party

Slowdance (DJ Set)

Slowdance bring keyboard and guitar and a rhythm section that can flip from a new wave throb to a spaghetti western rumble as easily as it delivers punchy indie-pop, all anchored by vocalist Quay Quinn-Settel's demure cheek and soprano dramatics. She recalled France Gall, and they did Stereolab, because language still counts (even the set-closing cover of New Order's "Consent" was not without its tie to France). Says Quinn-Settel: "I learned how to read in French before learning in English. It's half of me, it wouldn't feel right to sing in English alone. Plus the way the language shapes the mouth changes the timber of my voice, so it's nice to have both."
Other formative reference points Slowdance cite include Blondie, the Raincoats, and '70s synthwave, which help contextualize the tracks here for you to sample (the spaghetti-soaked "Spell," the coy "Sweetness," "Slashed Tires"' airy angst). Those are below, along with a mixtape playlist we asked the band to compile as the perfect primer to the aesthetic of Slowdance. Dig in. - Stereogum


Formed earlier this year, Lovelife is the product of Ally Young and Lee Newell's sort of opposites attract energy and creative collaboration. With a stroke of strange symmetry, the two met in the midst of failed relationships and freshly cut projects, themes over which they found mutual inspiration and resiliance. After months of writing and recording in remote locations around England, the duo brazenly decided to relocate to Brooklyn for an indefinite stay, playing their first shows and finding a radical new stride.

With a few completely infectious tracks already available on their Soundcloud, it's clear the project takes its R&B pop vibes from the likes of Frank Ocean, Prince and Justin Timberlake with a backbone in classic indie electro-pop. The duo hit its stride splitting duties with Newell writing lyrics and melody aside Young's production skills. Live, the project is not a producer/ computer set up, but rather a full backing outfit that delivers a rock band caliber show.

Chrome Canyon (DJ)

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