CD Release- Ben Shannon: Farewell Mountain with Morgan Erina, Emily Rodgers and Rebecca Pronsky

Crossing boundaries and moving between worlds has been Shannon’s stock in trade as a singer-songwriter. He combines folk, country and Americana elements as composer while displaying a poet’s graceful touch as a lyricist. Shannon takes on a range of ages and outlooks in his songs, finding a common thread in his innate compassion and wry humor. His assertive yet tender vocals, fluent guitar work and overall sense of musicianship have won him a growing following in his Pittsburgh home base and beyond.

Morgan Erina

Morgan Erina is a singer-songwriter with a finger-picking, Indie Folk style and a raw, hauntingly ethereal voice.

A prolific composer of over 600 songs, Morgan Erina is a New York City native who has lived in Pittsburgh for the past six years. In 2009, she released her debut albums “Skeleton Butterflies” and “Whatever." From 2011 to 2014 she was one-half of the band Broken Fences, releasing the album "Broken Fences" in 2012. That album's single, "Wait" was used on the television shows Flashpoint and the Young and the Restless. She is a regular performer in both Pittsburgh and New York, playing at venues including the Three Rivers Festival, Club Cafe, Rockwood Music Hall, and the Pittsburgh Winery. She has toured the continental U.S., London, Denmark, and Germany. In October 2015, she released her solo single “October." She is currently performing songs of her newly released EP “Lady”, and is looking forward to future tours.

Emily Rodgers

Emily Rodgers's music has been compared to Mazzy Star, Cat Power, and Neil Young. Rodgers's 2009 release Bright Day was mixed and mastered by legendary indie producer Kramer who has praised her music in a number of interviews, calling her "a songwriter in the classic sense of the term." In 2008, Rodgers signed to Misra Records; that same year, she performed at the SXSW Music Festival. Rodgers has shared stages with artists including: Magnolia Electric Company, Great Lake Swimmers, Nina Nastasia, Thalia Zedek Band, Hayden, Horse Feathers and Jolie Holland.

Rebecca Pronsky

Rebecca Pronsky is a born and raised Brooklynite whose music is "as urban as it is rural, not afraid to be sophisticated" (Maverick). Her songs are gritty and dark, layered and dreamy, bravely disobeying the usual conventions of the Americana genre. She has been featured on NPR Song of the Day, BBC6, and recently sang on an episode of This American Life. Rebecca's 2013 record 'Only Daughter' was named a Top 10 Country Album Of The Year by the UK's Daily Telegraph which also gave it four stars. She recently returned from a tour supporting Shawn Colvin. Rebecca's new album "Known Objects" comes out May 6, 2016.

"Personal, anecdotal and emotional… Rebecca Pronsky addresses the struggles of a generation attempting to get by. Pronsky's voice conveys the wisdom of experience without crossing the line into defeatist world-weariness." - NPR



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