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Jelly of the Month Club

Thank you for joining the Jelly of the Month Club!
We hope you enjoy our vast array of our fruity jellies, and chunky jams, great for EVERY occasion..

Jelly of the Month Club started when Todd Forman (Sublime) and Bert Susanka (The Ziggens/Astronaut Love triangle) had the idea of putting together a super group combined with different members of bands they had both played with over the years. So they invited Bud Gaugh (Sublime) to play drums, and Mic Dangerously (Zen Robbi) to sing and play guitar and bass. Mr. Crumb joined on shortly after, and the writing commenced.
The main focus is on writing fun G rated music, the type of fun for the whole family! We have songs ranging from stories about making friends, to a song about waffles. We just finished up at Hollywoodstock Studios in Long Beach, CA and the album drops beginning of October, stay tuned!


What in the world is that, way up in the sky? A Bird? A Plane? A Unicorn? A Unicorn-Pegasus! No... It’s Play Date! Soaring through time and space to win the hearts of kids, parents and magical creatures everywhere! Greg Attonito (The Bouncing Souls) and Shanti Wintergate are bringing their love of music to kids at the speed of sound!

Play Date consists of husband-and-wife duo Greg Attonito, lead vocals and founding member of punk rock legends, The Bouncing Souls (1989-present BtnUKReview, NYTimes, YouTube) and singer/songwriter Shanti Wintergate. The duo released the children’s book I Went for a Walk and toured the US doing readings and playing music for kids across the country (SFChronicle). This sprang the concept for Play Date. Inspired by their love of music, creativity and adventure, Greg and Shanti have created top-drawer music for the whole family with their new album, Imagination. “There's always been a strong sense of self-discovery and independence in good kids' music, and Play Date's album, Imagination has that for the punk rocker in training.” -Stefan Shepherd, NPR. These upbeat, euphonious, well-crafted songs will delight your ears and have you singing and dancing with or without your kids in no time.

There’s the esteem-boosting anthem Rad (“I’m Rad because I like to draw everything that I can see, I’m RAD because I like ME!”); and the empowering messages in Anyone Can Sing and Imagination which encourage singing from the heart and tapping the limitless imagination that lives in all of our hearts. The playful, educational rock-steady rhythm of The Number Song tells the story of how “One, won the race of numbers.” And Dance Like A Monster will inspire kids from six to 60 to… well… Dance like a monster (video link)! What ever the subject, tempo, rhythm or rhyme you’ll be singing while you Dance Like a Monster in no time!

All of this and much more. So grab a friend, tune your imagination to the key of awesome and buckle up before we take off – it’s time for Play Date!

$5.00 - $10.00


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