Love, passion, science, nature.

YOURS is an indie rock duo consisting of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Milton Nieves, and bassist, Kazmo Vilmar. The band explores with electronic textures and beats to cover the percussive/rhythmic aspects of the live sound and using their live instrumentation helps bring out a raw sound. Their unique style has gained attention of the popular ear along with the indie crowd that likes to sing along to songs that aren't on top 40 radio.

"We want our music to be infectious, fun, nostalgic and most of all inspiring. We want our audience to feel connected, just as much as we yearn to feel that connection with our audience. Connecting crowds that may not be associated with one another is a big goal of ours. We want our band to be known for putting a fresh spin on "pop" music as we know it and blowing the doors open for new and interesting interpretations to flood through."

SURREALIZED harkens back to the synth-pop/wave fueled 80's in one way, but crunches along in a guitar driven romp in other ways, while simultaneously drawing on dreamy, electrobeat driven, psychedelic anthems.

Live Surrealized utilizes a vivid light show with multiple video projections that further enhance the psychdelic ambiance.

Surrealized has shared the stage with many national and International acts, most notably Bonobo, Amon Tobin, Kid Koala, Daedelus, Yippah and more.


$8 advance / $12 day of show


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