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Prince Rama

Prince Rama's Xtreme Now (in stores March 4, 2016) is the inaugural entry into what the band have coined as the "Extreme Sports Genre." Inspired to musically match the metaphysical intensity of extreme sports' death-defying feats, Prince Rama looked to their own personal flirtations with death and time-dilation. In a womb shaped by countless hours of obsessively watching extreme sports videos and consuming dangerous quantities of Monster Energy drinks, Xtreme Now was violently born.
Working with acclaimed dance producer Alex Epton of XXXChange (Gang Gang Dance, Björk, Spank Rock, Panda Bear, The Kills), the new songs take on a more powerful, confident, fierce, infectious, all-encompassing, and accessible dance-club feeling than any other Prince Rama record—a fearless, visionary pop tour de force for the ghost-modern era that celebrates the ephemerality of life, dancing just at the edge of death's gilded smile. Xtreme Now is the most extreme album Prince Rama has ever made.
The band's often unpredictable live shows have been described by fans as "hypnotic and mesmerizing—the feeling of a stadium concert on acid," incorporating elements of performance art, dance-club initiation rite, and vintage VH-1 hair-metal-bravado.

Based out of Brooklyn and New Jersey, Hey Anna is an indie-pop five-piece made up of sisters Erin, Anna and Katie Rauch-Sasseen, featuring Matthew Langner on drums and Jamie DiTringo on lead guitar. As a band, they seamlessly mingle the warmth of a seaside summer with the cacophonous urban landscape of NYC. With the blending of heavy guitars and whimsical vocals, NYLON describes them as, "the sunny, feel-good band we've been waiting all winter to find."

With the July 2015 release of their debut album, Run Koko, Hey Anna have been played across international airwaves, with SPiN noting the band is, "a family affair that specializes in ethereal harmonies reminiscent of '00s indie-pop greats Feist, Chairlift, and School of Seven Bells." In November of 2014 they were invited to play several showcases in Tokyo, following the release of their double EP, Dance Until Three via Japan-based ThisTime Records.

Hey Anna has been a staple of the NYC music scene for years, with performances at the Northside Festival, Rooftop Films, the NYC Marathon, Break Thru Radio, and CMJ. Their songs play in major retail stores and have been featured in indie films Jane Wants A Boyfriend and That's Not Us.

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