Bottle Cap Rockets

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Al Gross has been fortunate enough to sell a number of his works to Universal Music. Al's songs have been placed in several major movies including the academy award winner "Monster" starring Charlize Theron, "A Hole In One" starring future academy award nominee Michelle Williams alongside Meat Loaf, "The Pentagon Papers" starring James Spader, The made for Show Time TV movie "Hendrix" as well as placements in popular TV shows that include "Monk", "The Osbournes" and "Cold Case".

In 2009 Al started writing songs for a solo project. Demo's were created and a band was quickly assembled and then reassembled. By January of 2011 the name "Bottle Cap Rockets" was selected. Since then, 14 shows have been performed around New Jersey and a 7 song EP is slated for release by June 2012. Bass player & backing vocalist Chris Wolfer joined the group in September 2011. In May of 2012 drummer Yuergen Renner became a member. Yuergen was the drummer for The Cucumbers, a Hoboken band that appeared on MTV several times during the prime Music Television years.

The focus for Bottle Cap Rockets is to deliver guitar powered ROCK with style. There's a vintage feel but the band has it's own fresh sound. Some songs have a Roots Rock flavor while others travel in a Blues Rock direction. There's also the British Pop Rock infused tracks. It takes some confidence to rip away the layers of complication in a world where this style of music has been left out in the cold for far too long. Bottle Cap Rockets practice the philosophy of “less is more.” This three man band needs to be enjoyed live.

Sublunar Minds

What does Harlem know that Brooklyn hipsters don't? In short, Sublunar Minds - a blend of rock, funk, and thoroughly permeating quirkiness, and a return to greasy grooves and all around good times.

The music of the Harlem based band drips in rock and roll spontaneity, funk energy, and oozes groove. The soulful trumpet and down-and-dirty harmonica combined with idiosyncratic lyrics and vocals suggest a world where an unholy inhuman hybrid of M Doughty, David Byrne, and Donald Fagen front a band whose members are moonlighting from regular duties alternatively backing Al Green and Bruce Springsteen.

High energy shows to packed clubs in Harlem and around New York have given Sublunar Minds a reputation as one of the most exciting young bands on the scene. The mission is simple: grooves and good times for everyone. Leading music bloggers have called Sublunar Minds' songs "music to put you in orbit," and asserted "this is a band that defies any categorization other than 'talented' or 'good.'"

Sarah Kervin Group

Sarah Kervin is an emerging vocalist and composer whose writing weaves a story that strikes a chord in your soul. Her unique sound and passionate voice artfully blend modern
influences with jazz classics, creating fresh music that pays homage to a long legacy and maintains relevance for a modern audience. Sarah discovered her lifelong passion for music as a precocious young girl growing up in
Atlanta, GA. She started out performing original ditties in her parents’ living room but quickly went on to play and sing in various bands, choirs, and orchestras, never missing an
opportunity to be on the stage. An introduction to the classic jazz album Sonny Side Up changed the direction of her art. “After listening to Dizzy [Gillespie] sing 'Sunny Side of the
Street' I was hooked. Those infectious rhythms and that raw, fearless sound - I knew that jazz spoke to me on a primal level and I just had to learn to speak that language.” Doing
triple-duty as a vocalist, saxophonist, and pianist, Sarah's versatility is evident in her eclectic collection of original tunes spanning all genres of music.



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