Beechwood is an original rock and roll group from NYC formed in 2012. Carrying the torch of such infamous bands like The Stooges, MC5, and the New York Dolls, Beechwood's music stems from a tradition originated in good ol' fashioned juvenile delinquency. The trio consists of Gordon Lawrence, Isa Tineo, and Andy Manzaneres. Lawrence, the twenty-year old singer/guitarist, plays and sings with a mix of the sensitivity of artists such as Alex Chilton or Elliott Smith, with the visceral aggressiveness of the Raw Power-era Stooges. Tineo (21) matches Lawrence's style, playing drums with a style that often leaves hands bloodied and drum heads dismembered. And bassist Manzanares (20), the quiet one of the group, leaves people in awe over the authority he demonstrates over his instrument, all the while wondering whether he's a boy or a girl.

Monograms makes jagged and hefty pop songs made for driving and swirling:

Humble beginnings arose in Brooklyn NYC, when a guy with a guitar and a drum machine began writing and demoing some songs in a bedroom. The inherent sonic ideas fused garage & indie rock with synthesized psychedelic sounds and driving drum beats, culminating with his debut Fader EP in June 2014 under the moniker: "Monograms".

The project quickly expanded from a solo experiment to a full band endeavor, consistently saturating stages and supporting international indie regulars (Girl Band, DMA's, The Wytches, The Blind Shake, Heat, Sunflower Bean, Quilt and Spires) along the way. Consequently, each performance angled some footing for Monograms' own landscape, tabbing writers from CMJ, Impose, We All Want Something to Shout For, Pancakes and Whiskey and others to turn a few kind phrases about them.

A 5-song "Telepathiac EP" is due out in early 2016, using tones that intertwine pop structures, heavy melodic threads, new wave psych and surfy guitar riffs; Showcasing Monograms' references at the underbelly of previous decades in DIY and college radio, as well as contemporary lo-fi vibes that pull from similar genres:

Monograms is Brooklyn's New-Wave-Garage-Psych. A Digital Rock. A Vintage Future.

Street Smells

"New York City smells and we like playing psychedelic rock songs. XO." -Street Smells

Walk down dingy Eldridge Street where the Lower East Side gives to Chinatown and you'll know where this band found their name. Street Smells started playing under the psychadelic rock and roll banner in 2011 and have been tripping on noise ever since. They are set to release their debut LP, Creamy in October 2012. Alongside other mediums, Evie, Jonny, Seymore and Ryan Street use their traditional fuzz lineup to create epic vibes.

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