Josh Ritter

May 2010: A note from Josh Ritter on "So Runs the World Away"...

So Runs the World Away was almost two years in the making, and the most difficult album I’ve made so far.

The band and I recorded whenever we could, mostly in Maine at Sam Kassirer’s Great North Sound Society and also a bit at Dawn Landes’ Saltlands Studio in Brooklyn. Over the course of a year “Change of Time” and “Rattling Locks” grew to their present mammoth size and “Orbital,” a song about nature’s manifold encirclings, found its way through three different versions. Several songs went through numerous incarnations before being cut all together. “Folk Bloodbath,” a song I’ve been trying to get right for a long time, finally snapped into focus under Sam’s watchful eye. Zack played instruments I’ve never even heard of, Austin went places on the guitar and banjo that I’d never conceived of, and Liam, as usual, was a tectonic bedrock of, well, rock. We’re a good team, my band and I, and much of what we learned making Conquests we were able to expand on So Runs the World Away. On the whole, the songs are larger and more detailed and feel to me as if they were painted in oil on large canvasses.

So Runs the World Away marks the beginning of a new period in my life. I’m not a kid anymore —the hand to mouth days are gone, hopefully for awhile—I have a career I love and that I’ve fought for, and I have an astounding cast of friends and family and listeners who continue to help me to fulfill my love. My deepest thanks to all of them for hanging in with me longer than the shadows."

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